• best modem for centurylink

    Best Modem for CenturyLink

    As an Internet user, once you sign up, your provider usually gives you a modem or a lease. Talking of Centurylink, that’s a fee of about $8 per month. In most cases, you are not given a quality device and you might feel limited using it. If you are set to use Centurylink for a long period of time, it’s…

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  • Best Router Verizon Fios

    Best Router for Verizon Fios

    We all know that the internet is an essential service we need to work, watch, listen and enjoy.¬†Verizon Fios internet quality can be maximized with a top end router, such as the two we will explore in this article. Before an overview and comparison are provided on Nighthawk ad Linksys routers, we will highlight the perks of purchasing your own…

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  • Best Modem Router Combo

    Best Modem Router Combo

    The internet is the backbone of pretty much every technological related function or feature we expect from out electronics. Having a fast and reliable internet connection is huge importance to ensure all your devices are up to date and you are accessing features as rapidly as you can. This is even more relevant if you are a keen gamer or…

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  • Netgear nighthawk r7000

    AC1900 vs AC1750 Routers

    AC1900 vs AC1750 Routers Routers are attached with terms and features that can be a little confusing to any individual who is not informed in the area. This article will explain to you exactly what the differences are between AC1900 and AC1750 routers and then overview a few of the best of each type. Featured: Google WiFi vs Eero vs…

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  • google wifi

    Google WiFi vs Orbi vs Eero vs Velop

    Home WiFi systems don’t flash off impressive features or immersive experiences like other tech does. We all know that it is the backbone of the modern day world with a huge importance in the household. As media quality improves and data volume increases, the need for the fastest, most reliable, most secure and most response WiFi system grows. From your…

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