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  • Photo of LG UJ7700 Review

    LG UJ7700 Review

    Purchasing your first 4K UHD smart TV can be exciting, as it promises a new experience to work with your favorite streaming services. LG has many promising large-sized 4K TVs to suit a range of price tags. Included in the low to mid-price range LG UJ7700, available in sizes between 49 inches and 65 inches. This article will provide an…

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  • Photo of Sony XBR75X940D Review

    Sony XBR75X940D Review

    In a market with endless brands and models, Sony and its series of UHD 4K TVs is undoubtedly at the top of its game. As you will see as we dive into features of the Sony XBR75X940D, their extensive range of contrast, color, light, and HD based technologies all contribute to a state of the art. This article will provide an…

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  • Photo of Sony XBR65X900E Review (vs XBR75X940D)

    Sony XBR65X900E Review (vs XBR75X940D)

    This review of the Sony XBR65X900E and XBR75X940D looks at two entry to mid-range 4K UHD Smart TVs from Sony. These are both very solid pieces of kit with some high-quality specs. There are quite a few differences between the two Smart TVs, as we will explore. This includes their color enhancing technology, sizes available and contrast technology. s you…

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  • Photo of LG OLED B7 vs OLED C7 Review

    LG OLED B7 vs OLED C7 Review

    The LG OLED B7 and OLED C7 are the entry-level options of LG 4K TV range in 2017. Although they exist at the entry level, they are outstanding and high-quality pieces of tech. Overall, these are evenly matched smart TVs with some subtle differences. These differences are tiny differences in design and the B7A model having slightly less audio capability, These…

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  • Photo of Samsung MU6300 vs MU6290 Review

    Samsung MU6300 vs MU6290 Review

      Samsung is one of the leading brands of Smart and Ultra HD TVs in the world. Both the Samsung MU6290 and Samsung MU6300 are part of the same series of 4K smart TV released by the manufacturer. In fact, the MU in the model name attributes it to Samsungs 2017 UHD series of devices. An initial look over the…

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