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Once you get to know a smart assistant, it is hard to go back to another one. If you love using the features and Skills of Alexa but you are an a devout Apple Watch fan, you will be pleased to here you can get mix the two.

A third party app called Voice in a Can is available on Apple Watches as a standalone feature. This means you do not have to be tethered to your iPhone to use Alexa and can instead use the app straight from your watch. You will need a Wi-Fi or LTE connection to run the app though.

It should be noted that this is an unofficial method of getting Alexa, not one created and supported by Amazon.

Voice in a Can links your Apple Watch to your Alexa account to grant you access to a few of Alexa features. With Voice in a Can you are able to:

  • Control smart home devices
  • Ask general knowledge
  • Manage shopping lists
  • Set timers

There are some limitations compared to Alexa on a device such as the Echo which are:

  • Limited audio streaming support
  • Unable to make calls
  • Unable to make Echo announcements

Rupert Pople

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