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Amazons Echo products are a fantastic way to enjoy the audio of many types of media. Although music is the most popular listening experience that user engage with when using Alexa, their are additional options to listen to your favorite podcasts.

It is currently clear that music services are far better integrated with Alexa, such as Amazon Prime Music and Spotify. The podcast apps that can work with Alexa are a little behind. That said, there are still options to allow you to command your way to your favorite chat shows.

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How to listen to Alexa podcasts with adding Skills

Adding skills to Alexa to get a new feature can be irritating at times. There is a default option to quickly and promptly accessing podcasts without having to add a new skill. The default setting of Alexa is to deliver podcasts through TuneIn.

This can be accessed quite simply using the command “Alexa, play the podcast The Joe Rogan Experience” for example. This will stream the latest episode and it is easy to ask for the previous episode. Currently you can’t choose the exact podcast and you will have to navigate to your desired choice episode by episode.

Here is a list of some suggest Alexa commands to work withTuneIn;

  • “Alexa, play the podcast The Joe Rogan Experience”
  • “Alexa, play the previous episode”
  • “Alexa, play a podcast”


Alexa app TuneIn

Next we will demonstrate to you how to access TuneIn and the available podcasts via the Alexa app on your device.

  1. Launch Alexa app
  2. Select Music, Videos & Books
  3. Select TuneIn
  4. Select Podcasts

Then simply choose the podcast you wish to listen to after exploring the various options and categories they have. This method will allow you to select an individual episode rather than the relativley clumsy episode by episode approach. echo third gen

Alexa Podcast Skills

There are now many podcasts skill available through the Alexa app. When you open up the Alexa app press the menu icon at the top left corner of the screen and from there select Skills & Games. The podcast skills vary in that there are dedicated ones specific to an individual podcasts and generic ones which have access to a large library of many.

Generic podcast skills include:

  • AnyPod
  • Stitcher

Specific podcasts with their own skills include:

  • Hardcore History
  • The Joe Rogan Experience
  • Ted Talks
  • The Penguin Podcast
  • Critical Roll
  • The Tim Ferris Show

Depending on your own preferences you may wish to either search for a specific podcast as it is simpler to open up and access, or go for the large Skills such as AnyPod.


Using Alexa Podcasts with Routines

Podcasts and other forms of audible media are a favorite by many to help them go to sleep or get up in the morning. The Alexa routine feature creates sequences of basic automation which podcasts can be a part of.

To wind down in the evening you could create a routine that turns your smart lighting into warm white and play a podcast for 15 minuteds before the lights turn off.

To set this up you need to follow these steps:

    • Selectr the top left menu icon
    • Select Routines
  • Press the plus icon to add a command and sequential actions

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