Best Echo Show Skills

Traditional Alexa Skills are purely audio based and used by the Amazon Echo smart speaker range. Amazon is now making a shift towards a new set of Echos that add a visual element with a screen.

You may wonder what the point of is of an Echo Show over a standard Echo. Well, a new grouping of Visual Skills is emerging to fill the extra potential that the screen of the Echo Show provides. These are basically just like tablet apps, as you will see.

This article will overview the best Visual Skills that you can get for your Echo Show and open up some new possibilities for you.

Amazon Alexa

It goes without saying that the Echo Show has Amazon Alexa installed. This works just like Alexa on any other device, although the visual elements of smart home control are a clear, large and aesthetically pleasing. The smart hub element works with smart devices that use Zigbee protocols.

Amazon Prime Video

The Echo Show screen is a suitable size for streaming film and TV from Amazon Prime Video. In addition to have regular touchscreen playback controls, you may also use your voice. All of this requires you to have an active Amazon Prime membership.

Echo Show Camera

The Echo Show has a neat little camera act that can provide a few laughs. Open with the command “Alexa, take a photo of me”, and then a few options of Photobooth styles pop up.


A quick ask of Alexa to go to Youtube enables you to see the latest videos of your subscriptions as well as whats trending.

BBC Good Food

BBC Good Food is a comprehensive library of recipes which can be accessed via touchscreen or voice control. The ingredients and steps themselves can be communicated in either a visual manner or through Alexa.

Security Cameras

Rather than referring to a specific skill, this is just a general point that your smart home security cameras can be accessed speedily on the Echo Show. This involves outdoor, indoor and video doorbell cameras from brands such as Ring, Arlo and Nest.

Drop In

Drop In is a popular application in Echo devices that enables them to make calls. Echo smart speakers allowed users to have audio calls with other Echo devices or phones. With the Echo Show you can access Drop In with video calling options that works with smartphones, tablets or other Echo Show or Spot devices.

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