How to change Alexa’s name

Amazon choice Alexa as its front name for its digital assistant for the sake of branding and easy recognition. This may or may not be a problem for you, but if it is, you can do something about it. Changing Alexa’s name or “wake word” is a very simple process that you undertake in the Alexa app. Read here about how to change Alexas voice as well.

How to change Alexa’s name through the App

On your smartphone, launch the Alexa app with the latest update installed. From there you take some a couple of easy steps:

  1. Select the devices icon on the right-hand side of the bottom navigation menu.
  2. Choose your device, your Echo, then select Wake Word
  3. You can then choose out of the options:
    • Computer
    • Amazon
    • Echo
  4. The indicator will flash orange on your device whilst installing the option.

There is a very constricted number of options available at the moment, just three in addition to the original “Alexa”. This may be down to Amazon having to test the speech recognition software of each word on many different accents and voices.

Hopefully, there will soon be a time when we can have our own uniquely named virtual assistant. Until then you will have to suffice with these simplistic and odd-ish names.

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