How to connect Amazon Echo to Bluetooth Speakers

Amazons Echo range as sold as smart speakers, although really the standout feature is the integrated Alexa software and its associated benefits. Whilst the speaker quality is decent(ish) in their Echo and Echo Plus models, it certainly doesn’t match the sound quality of some Bluetooth speakers.

With a typical Bluetooth speaker, you don’t get the benefits of Alexa. The solution is to use both as one entertainment system, with access to all of Alexa’s control features as well as streaming apps. This includes Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify, just to name a few.

How to prepare to you connect Amazon Echo Alexa to Bluetooth Speaker

There are a few steps in the process to set up your Alexa to work on a Bluetooth speaker. Amazon state that some Bluetooth speakers are certified for Alexa syncing whilst some can’t. It is still possible to use Alexa on a non-certified speaker, although you may experience some issues. Find out more here.

The first few initial steps just require you set up the process:

  1. Place your Echo and Bluetooth speaker at least 1 metre/3 feet apart
  2. Turn on your Bluetooth speaker and turn it up
  3. Disconnect all other Bluetooth devices from the Echo

It is important to realize that you can’t connect more than one speaker at a time to the Echo.

How to connect Alexa to a Bluetooth Speaker

Below are the few steps you need to take in the Alexa app:

  1. Put your Bluetooth speaker into pairing mode
  2. Open the Alexa app
  3. Click the devices icon at the bottom right of the page
  4. Click your Echo & select Bluetooth Devices
  5. Click Pair a New Device
  6. Choose the speaker you are connecting
  7. Follow the setup wizard

There you go! Now enjoy Alexa and her streaming services with a premium sound quality.

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