How to get 4K Netflix Ultra HD: Setup Guide

The power of ultra high definition movies and box sets sold as subscription package has made Netflix one of the best entertainment platforms in the world. Some of the best shows in the world are available in glimmering 4K on Netflix.

Accessing Netflix 4K requires a collection of high-quality pieces of home tech to work together. This guide will break down everything you need and everything you need to know to fully embrace the world of ultra-high definition.

Netflix 4K TV

Watching anything in 4K requires a 4K TV of course, and f you already have one that is great. If this is one of the steps you need to make, then have a read of some of our Smart TV articles. Pixels are only so much when it comes to the quality of a TV. There is a huge range of price tags and different levels of video quality available in the 4K TV market. Top brands to look out for include LG, Samsung, and Pioneer.

There are two versions of 4K which are practically the same. The difference is a few pixels which will have a minor to unnoticeable effect.

  • 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • 4096 x 2160 pixels

There are also 8K Smart TVs which measure 7680×4320 pixels. These are a little ahead of their (streaming) time, but will no doubt be used for this purpose in the near future.

Netflix 4K Broadband Requirements

4K resolution is a very rich and file size heavy form of media. This has been a limiting factor in the history of video streaming of 4K and older resolutions.

Netflix states that 25 Mbp/s is the bare minimum speed required from your broadband. Ideally, you will want or already have more than this as streaming takes a heavy toll on bandwidth and may limit other use of the internet.

Most internet speed packages are at least this or much higher, as well as your routers ability to handle it.

Netflix 4K Subscription Packages

Currently, the only Netflix package that supports 4K UHD is the Premium service. At $14 a month you get access to the 4K content of Netflix and a few other perks:

  • 4 screens at one time
  • Laptop, TV, phone & tablet access
  • Unlimited films & TV programmes
  • Cancel at anytime

Accessing Netflix 4K

As already discussed, you need a 4K device to play Netflix UHD content. Below is how to do this on various types of devices.

Smart TV

Smart TVs run on an OS where you can access apps from the homepage. You will need to download the app and then use your details to sign in to get access. Once everything is set up you can browse the 4K shows and movies.

Different smart TV OS includes:

  • Roku
  • WebOS
  • Android TV
  • Tizen
  • Fire TV

External Devices

Netflix has cross compatibility with a wide range of common devices which make it easy to use. Examples include game consoles:

  • PS3
  • PS4
  • WiiU
  • XBOX 360

It also works on Apple, Android and Windows devices, but this may not be in 4K. Netflix is also supported for voice control with Alexa and Google Home to make your control that bit smoother.

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