How to Use Alexa Drop In with your Amazon Echo

Alexa is as much a home management system as it is a smart hub by organizing, providing information and communicating information. It is a platform by which to call other users or drop into other audio devices around your home.

Whether you wish to tell everybody their dinner is ready or ask to see one of your children, the Drop In feature provides an instant intercom feature.

Alexa Drop In Explained

Drop In is an internal calling method that allows a user of one Alexa enabled device, such as an Echo, to be heard on another one in a home. The idea is to allow seamless communication to send a quick message without the need to call the device. The Drop In feature can also work with video

It is possible to arrange Drop In with Echo devices which are further afield if your Alexa device is granted access. For example, with a friend, you have the option to call their Alexa device, but if given permission you could Drop In which is effectively the same except you can connect without needing them to accept.

How to enable and use Drop In

Setting up Drop In requires an Alexa enabled device and the Alexa app installed on your smartphone. The steps of setting up Alexa Drop In are simple:

  1. Launch the Alexa app
  2. Tap the top left menu button
  3. Tap Settings at the bottom
  4. Select device you wish to enable “Drop In”
  5. Tap “Drop In”
  6. Tap “On” or “Only my household”

Once your Alexa Drop In is set up you can simply use the relevant command to activate the intercom feature for your internal and external contacts. Just simply say “Alexa, Drop In on (name of speaker)” and you will instantly be granted the ability to communicate with your other Alexa devices. If you’re going further afield you need to state the contact name as written in your contacts. The exact command looks like this; “Alexa, Drop In on (contact name)”.

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