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Amazon introduces new echo show

The Amazon event today featured a new Echo show device which features a screen on the smart speaker. Essentially it looks rather tablet-like interface for control of smart home technology. Expected to come later this week is a new Echo Dot, Echo Plus, a smart plug and more.  The Echo Show has been around for …

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Smart home privacy safeguards needed for children

A new reports has issued concerning views on the gathering of data on children by smart home tech. Voice hubs with inbuilt assistants such as the Amazon Echo or security technology, just to name a few, could likely be gathering data on not only adults but children. All the data gathered by these devices is considered messy …

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Google Home Hub Leaked

The autumn products rush in the build-up to the holidays is kicking off. We’ve seen leaks by Apple, Amazon and now Google. In October Google will be hosting their device event to showcase their latest, best and upcoming devices. Some new image leaks are showing the Google Home Hub with a massive display screen. Effectively this …

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Developers can now make their own Alexa devices

Amazon has just released their Alexa Gadget Toolkit beta which will allow developers to create their very own Echo-connected devices. As expressed on the Amazon developer blog these are designed to work in coherence with an Alexa setup. An example of what a developer can now produce is a disco ball that sparkles a room. …

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Amazon has many Alexa devices waiting

It has been reported that Amazon has at least eight Alexa based pieces of hardware that it plans to release in the near future. It is also believed that this could possibly be happening before the end of the year in good time for Christmas. There aren’t any clear details on what these devices will definitely …

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The Modern Smart Home

We cover a full range of possible devices and what they can do for your smart home!


Sonos integrates IFTTT

Hi-Fi specialist, Sonos, is integrating with IFTTT (If This Then That) to give them a more associated connection with smart home devices. This will mean that your music can work in line with your other device in pre made “applets”. For example, you could hook your motion detectors to trigger your Sonos to play a …

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Alexa Integrates with Xbox One

Xbox One is integrating Alexa into its operating system to allow users to control the device with their voice. In the settings panel you will have the option to turn on certain Alexa skills and then you will be good to go. Some of the available commands will be: “Alexa, turn on my Xbox” “Alexa, …

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Elon Musk hints at Tesla Smart Home

Elon Musk recently went viral after smoking marijuana on Joe Rogan’s podcast. This two hour packed discussion styled interview saw Elon talk about some of Teslas rather interesting inventions, both old and new. In addition to discussing his “flamethrower” (or not), digging tunnels under L.A. and AI threat, Elon Musk discussed the use of the …

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New wave of smart speakers to hit market

As we have been commenting recently, there are a new wave of smart speakers being manufactured set to be released in the near future. Smart speakers and the accompanying AI have become the most iconic smart home device released so far. It seems that the smart speaker market is entering a new stage characterized by more …

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Alexa is now integrated into 20,000 devices

There is only room for just a few smart assistants. Alexa is becoming the go-to option for many companies who want this feature embedded into their smart devices. Daniel Rausch, Amazon’s vice president of smart home, made some pretty impressive announcements at the IFA tech show in Berlin this week in regards to Alexas integration. …

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Lenovo enters the smart home market

Lenovo has announced at the IFA conference in Germany that they will be releasing a series of smart home devices. Their initial product range will include a starter pack featuring a smart light bulb, a smart plug, and smart security camera controllable with Alexa and Google Assistant. Lenovo is also producing a new Link app to be the interface …

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