Apple joins Threads mesh networks standards group

Apple has recently joined the standards group of a lesser well-known mesh networking system called Thread. Now Thread is an equivalent and rival to the better-known mesh networking systems such as Z-Wave and Zigbee. The “Thread Group” alliance was first announced in 2014 and its members include the likes of Samsung, OSRAM, Amazon and Googles subsidiaries. In layman’s terms, Threads technology offers relatively high security over other styles of similar networks.

The purpose of mesh network technology is to allow its products to act isolation of an internet connection and really is what drives the smart home ecosystem. It is becoming the principal form of inter-device smart home connectivity and it cuts the cost of energy usage pretty dramatically. This will certainly be Apple’s own goal with its interest in Thread. In the future Thread will likely become one of the main forms of connection in smart home technology, even though you haven’t heard of it yet.

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