Honeywell Home Security Starter Kit Out Now

Honeywell has announced that their all in one Smart Home Security Kit is now on sale in selected stores and online retailers. Honeywells Indiegogo funder Smart Home Security system was a rapidly developed project only announced 8 months ago. Honeywell is a huge company and its security products are well trusted by users, so it will be interesting to see how well received their new smart home security systems are trusted.

The starter kit is comprised of the Base Station which normally sells on its own for around $350 on Amazon, as well as sensors for windows or doors and a key fob for a grand total of $450. I find the design of the Base Station rather amusing, you really feel like its watching you, a bit like HAL from 2001: a Space Odyssey. Don’t let that put you off!

The kit comes with an included 24 hours of cloud storage, but with many upgrade options for up to 60 days storage for $149.99 a year.

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