New wave of smart speakers to hit market

As we have been commenting recently, there are a new wave of smart speakers being manufactured set to be released in the near future. Smart speakers and the accompanying AI have become the most iconic smart home device released so far. It seems that the smart speaker market is entering a new stage characterized by more competitors and higher ends audio features.

So far the focus has clearly been on the AI integrated; Alexa, Google Assistant & Siri (as well as some others). These are now widely integrated amongst a huge variety of products. As our last article stated, Alexa is now in 20,000 devices. This has led to the competitiveness of the market to go up and other brands to compete as the standard set by the voice assistants is set evenly.

Now you can expect a wave of top-end luxury smart speakers including the likes of Bose, Google & Samsung just to name a few. Expect these to be priced higher than we have seen before, probably towards $400 to $500.


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