Smart home products on the rise in the UK

Global interest in smart home products is on the rise, and rapidly too if you look at our recent article on this matter. The latest YouGov report in the UK has estimated that 23 percent of British people one two more smart home devices, although this doesn’t involve mandatory smart meters. This broken down into:

-Smart speakers 11%

-Smart thermostat 6%,

-Smart lighting 5%

-Smart security 3%

Another unsurprising bit of information¬†from the report includes the Echo dominating the smart speaker market with 69%. Another report by Ernst & Young also concluded a similar trend, that an estimated 43% of Brits own at least one smart device. It’s clear, the smart home market is exploding globally.

I generally speculate that many purchasers of smart home devices buy the products without fully appreciating what they are getting. This is in regards to understanding what a smart home really is and that their Echo or Philips Hue bulbs will in time likely be part of their own smart home ecosystem. At the moment for many purchasers, the devices are seen as entertainment pieces and a bit of fun, which is great! In the future, the full appreciation of smart homes and what they can do for individuals will become clear.

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