Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $200

When you consider the best Bluetooth speaker under $200  category, you are almost considering some of the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy. The true best tend to be a little bit more than this, for example, the Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus is $300. This range is where the price starts to get heftier, so you want to be sure you get the best speaker for your money.

The main difference is more the quality than the volume when jumping up from the $100 speakers, although quite a few of these speakers are a little bit louder. Any purchaser looking for this attribute is better off looking for Bluetooth speakers which are designed to be loud rather than pricing category.

The Bose SoundLink Revolve which is the junior version of the Revolve Plus and is the top pick for our best Bluetooth speaker under $200.

Our second choice for best Bluetooth speaker under $200 is the JBL Xtreme which is still fantastic but just doesn't have the same quality as you get with Bose.

If you want to look at some cheaper speakers then read our best speaker under $100 article.

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1. Bose Soundlink Revolve 

Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 200 Bose SoundLink Revolve
Bose SoundLink Revolve

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The Bose SoundLink Revolve is effectively the junior version of our top choice of Bluetooth speaker in 2018, the Revolve+. Therefore it is no surprise that is a fantastic speaker sharing many of the same merits as the Revolve+, making it the best Bluetooth Speaker under $200. The first obvious comparison is that it is almost identical although it is slightly smaller without a handle. With this versions, you get a whole range of features such as 360 degree sound, an IPX4 water resistance rating, Siri and Google Assistant, voice commands, the Bose app and a party & stereo mode.

It is a bit of a shame that this model doesn't have a handle as it makes it that little bit less transportable. It is a small speaker though only weigh 1.46 lbs so it would likely go unnoticed in a backpack.

The sound quality of the Soundlink Revolve is one of the best Bluetooth Speaker under $200. The sound quality of the lows, mids, and highs are pretty impeccable with none showing any real weakness. The clarity is there in the mids and highs, and the two passive bass radiators give deep and clear low frequencies. The bass is where most speakers tend to not quite deliver on if there are deficits in the quality, so hats off to Bose for delivering on it. The 360 degree sound is even and effective so no real criticism can be offered with that.

When compared to the Revolve+, the main differences appear to the battery life, the handle and the volume. In reality, the Revolves sound quality is practically up to par with the Revolve+ and will likely be loud enough for any circumstance you may wish to use it. Finally, Bost takes the third place with its SoundLink Color II being one of the best Bluetooth speakers under $200.

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  • Best Bluetooth speaker under 200
  • Best sound quality
  • Amazing 360 degrees sound


  • No handle like the Revolve+
  • Only IPX4

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2. JBL Xtreme

 JBL Xtreme
JBL Xtreme

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The JBL Xtreme is the second best Bluetooth speaker under $200 available at the moment. Admittedly, its RRP is $300 but on Amazon, you can normally purchase one below $200. As you would expect with a speaker of this price, the Xtreme delivers pretty solidly on all fronts. The design is very similar to the Flip 3 but just a fair bit bigger and much louder.

This speaker is a real boomer on the low end.  It carries dual external passive radiators that relentlessly pumps out the bass, although at times it can be a little muddy and uncontrolled sounding. The overall sound quality is to a high standard with a good balance of each frequency range and delivering on its price tag.

The Xtreme does a solid job at delivering on other key features such as a 15-hour battery life which is pretty darn good relative to its size and volume. The Xtreme is also splashproof so it can deal with light rain but not full submersions. Given the battery, splashproof rating and weight of 4.6 lbs, it is quite a portable speaker.

One slight annoyance comes with the zip it has covering its USB and AUX ports. It is a tight fit and can be fiddly to plug in via these ports.

It is also possible to pair multiple JBL speakers together via the Connect+ app. If you already have a JBL speaker and were looking to purchase a speaker in this price category then this is a strong argument for getting the Xtreme.

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  • Good battery life for volume
  • JBL Connect+ app
  • Booming bass


  • Not fully waterproof
  • Bass sometimes ruffled

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3. Bose SoundLink Color II

Bose SoundLink Color II
Bose SoundLink Color II

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The Bose SoundLink Color II is a very compact and lightweight speaker which doesn't lose out on many other features despite its size. The SoundLink Micro is our top choice as a portable speaker and its bigger counterpart, the SoundLink Color II, is a similar beast with some subtle differences. It presents a slightly cheaper option that is one of the best Bluetooth Speaker under $200.

The key features that come with the Color II include a splashproof IPX4 rating, high portability, and a large sound. One problem with the SoundLink II is that it comes with a charging cable only without any wall adaptor. This can be purchased separately and maybe a slight nuisance to those wanting to use this as a stationary speaker at home. It infers the intent of Bose with this speaker; it is for on the go. An effortless addition that accompanies your speaker.

Another negative is the speakerphone not working coherently with Bluetooth. The impact of this negative comes down to the intention of use with the speaker. Another plus of the SoundLink Color II is integrating of Siri and Google assistant. This is activated by holding the multifunction button. The sound of this speaker is especially loud, most likely enough to fit your needs. If you are intent on having a large outdoor party you would probably want something else.

When you go up in budget, Bluetooth speakers reach a point where there are no massive faults but it just doesn't reach the level of excellence as you do with the best Bluetooth Speaker under $200. The SoundLink Color II is one of those speakers. It is a good speaker and the boxes are ticked in regards to the standard of each frequency. It just doesn't quite have that excellence that speakers such as the bose Revolve+ have.


  • Very portable
  • Cheaper option in this category


  • No wall adapter included
  • Not 360 degree sound

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Bose is perhaps the best brand in the game at the moment, especially in the best Bluetooth Speaker under $200 category. When you get up to this price range the quality of speakers begins to become really, really good. Provided you stick to the big brands like Bose, JBL or Ultimate Ears, you will receive a product that will no doubt satisfy you. All of the picks in the best Bluetooth Speaker under $200 are absolutely excellent additions to your audio life.

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