iLife Robot Vacuum

The iLIfe A4s is a power full and budget friendly robot vacuum from iLife, perfect for someone looking for a compact and reliable robot vacuum without splashing out. iLife’s Cyclone Power cleaning system is great for deep cleaning carpets and floors and the low-profile construction allows the vacuum to clean those hard to reach places. The high capacity battery means 90 min of continued cleaning is no problems at all, that equates to around 2100 sq ft of cleaning.

There is no doubt about it the iLIfe A4s is a budget vacuum at $249.99, it is no surprise you don’t get some of the more premium functions like wifi connectivity. However, the remote allows you to plan cleaning schedules as well as starting the cleaning cycles from the comfort of your couch. The A4s is a great budget offering from iLife’s robot vacuum range.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Pros

  • Good battery life
  • Great for low clearance
  • Budget friendly


  • No wifi connectivity

The iLife A6 is a step up from the smaller and cheaper A4s robot vacuum, its piano black tempered glass top and sleek design make the iLife A6 look at home in the most modern houses. The hardwearing tempered glass means the vacuum will remain looking great after spending months trawling around your floor and under your furniture. The A6 has an upgraded motor with more suction power and a rubber bladed brush, for improved cleaning. We are very impressed with the rubber brush which prevents the build-up of hair and fibres. The rubber blades make the iLife A6 a great robot vacuum for pet hair.

The iLIfe A6 also boosts a highly impressive 160min battery life in combination with a low 2.8 inch profile making the A6 a great option for people with large homes. Large rubber tracked wheels make changes in floor surface no problem for the iLife A6 to handle. The addition of the invisible gate, a small box that prevents the A6 from crossing into designated areas, add another degree of controllability to the A6.


  • Quiet
  • Sleek and professional design
  • Rubber brush
  • Powerful max cleaning mode


  • Navigation is a little rudimentary
  • No wifi connectivity

The iLIfe A8 is the most advance iLife robot vacuum in their “A” range, utilising their smart panoramic and navigation route planning technology. A 360o vision camera creates a live model of the A8’s surrounds making for a precise and systematic cleaning pattern, ensuring all parts of your home don’t go unturned. The iLife A8 uses similar technology to the Roomba 980 and Dyson 360 but costs a fraction of the price, coming in at a very affordable $299.99.

The iLIfe A8 is equipped with a rubber brush, great for pet hair, as well as a more conventional bristle brush you would expect to see in your normal vacuum. This gives great versatility for all your cleaning needs across the different surfaces of your house. Added navigation technology allows for some great new features, including; auto-charge and resume. When the battery is low the A8 position is mapped so that cleaning is resumed from the same place after charging. A downside to the A8 is the lack of wifi connectivity, seen in more premium robot vacuums. Controlling the A8 and setting cleaning scheduled times is done through a remote control.

Overall, the A8 is a great and highly functional robot vacuum for a great price compared to its much more expensive rivals.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Pros

  • Advance navigation system
  • Great price for the functions


  • No wifi connectivity


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