iLife A6 Review

ilife a6 review

iLife is a leader at producing budget robot vacuum cleaners which still perform to the standard they need to. From the classy design to the respectable cleaning system, the iLife A6 is a solid choice for those who want to get their hands on a robot vacuum but don’t want to spend an overly large amount.

In this article, we will take you through the key features of the iLife A6, explaining them in detail, as well as their highlights and negatives. After reading this you will know if the iLife A6 is for you or whether you may wish to explore a different option.

iLife A6 Features

iLifes A6 is a budget robot vacuum with decent features considering the price. It doesn’t have the state of the art features that you may get with the Roomba i7+, although they are effective for cleaning hardfloors and low carpet pile. We will look at the design, cleaning specs, battery specs and other features in this section.



ilife a6

The iLife A6 design follows the minimalistic classy ergonomic look and sleek design of the brand. The glass
top cover smoothly works thePian Black color of the body of the vacuum cleaner to create a reflective look. This glass gives the robot vacuum a luxury feel, especially compared to its price. On the face of the ilifes A6 has an LED breathing indicator in the shape of a Q.

At a height of just 2.8 inches, which is lower than many over brands, allows the iLife A6 to reach any spot under furniture or low hangings. For example, Roombas are 3.6 inches in height, although in practice this may not make much difference.

iLife A6 has RoadRover wheels which are relatively large and help prevent the iLife A6 getting stuck and overcome obstacles that come in its path.

Cleaning Technology

iLifes A6 robot vacuum is the first from the brand that uses the second generation Cyclone Power. This three-stage cleaning technology is a specifically designed set of technologies that work in cohesion to effectively and consistently clean dirt and dust.

Included hardware includes the Bladeway spiral brush, second generation motor, dust box, max mode facilities, RoadRover wheels, and quite a few other things.

Turbo Mode

iLife has its own Turbo Mode which is dedicated for carpet cleaning. This ups the suction power although it should be noted that it will not work on high pile carpet.


The vacuum has special side brushes that help to sweep debris and dirt that comes in the way of the robot’s vacuum cleaning path.

This allows the catching and suction of dirt by the centrally placed Bladeway spiral brush on the undercarriage of the A6.

Included with the iLife A6 is a Rubber brush and a Bristle brush, which are optimized for either hard floor or carpet situations.

Bin Capacity

iLifes A6 has a 0.3 litre bin which is relatively small compared to some other options. For example, many Roombas have 0.6litres and the biggest will have all the way up to 1 litre.

Battery Life

iLifes A6 has one of the most solid battery lives on the market, better than many Roombas in fact.  One charge can consistently provide a 1 hour 40 minutes of cleaning, which is more than enough for most jobs. When the A6 reaches its lower limits of battery life it automatically heads back to the charging station to recharge.



Electrowall is an accessory that effectively creates an invisible wall that the A6 will not cross. this area can be up to 10 feet wide and prevents the iLife vacuum cleaning any area you do not want it to.

HEPA Filtration

iLifes A6 dirt box has an ultraperformance or HEPA filter which can catch 99% of small particles, such as pollen and fine debris.

Smart Scheduling

Smart schedule clean mode will automatically set the iLife A6 to clean on a daily basis. This is a standard feature for all modern robot vacuums.

iLife A6 Highlights

Battery Life of the iLife A6 is very solid and it will also head back to charge when the battery is low.

Design of the iLife A6 is slick as it capitalizes using a sleek glass for a premium shiny look.

iLifes A6 is very easy to use as its controls are simple and get straight to the point. This does have a flipside of being relatively limited, especially as there is no accompanying app.

iLife has produced very quiet robot vacuums with the A6 being no exception. That said, it isn’t the most powerful although it is reasonably solid.

iLifes A6 is a very cheap robot vacuum and has respectable features considering the price.

A6 Negatives

iLifes A6 model is a very cheap robot vacuum which certainly lags in many areas compared to the best on the market.

It has no accompanying app which limits its connectivity and smart control features. Brands like Roomba, Neato and Bobsweep have iOS and Android apps which provide another layer of features, such as reports.

As it is not connected with WiFi it has no voice control option that is seen with the brands who have an accompanying app.

Navigation technology of the iLife A6 is relatively simple in that it is randomly driven by infrared sensors. The best navigation technology will map rooms with a camera and use the most effective cleaning routes.

iLifes A6 can do low carpet pile although it isn’t quite up to the challenge of the high carpet pile

Final Word

iLifes A6 is a great budget option of robot vacuum, although its technologies aren’t cutting edge. Users with bigger homes and difficult to clean carpets should consider more advanced options from other brands.

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