Kyn: The Wearable for children


Wearables don’t just have to be an adults toy. Here at Your Smart Home Guide, we have spent much time reviewing and looking at the best smartwatches, but in most instances, they are exclusively adults. Kyn is a smartwatch designed for children who are at least 5 years old. Whilst the wearable may seem like a game to them, it actually works towards developing skills and increasing activity. Kyn breaks it down into 4 distinct parts:

  • Fitness Tracking
  • Self-Regulation
  • Calendar
  • Digital Pet

A big component with the Kyn, as with most smartwatches, is the fitness aspect and related tracking features. Included tracking figures are steps, distance, calories, heart rate and sleep time. Inactivity reminders are another feature that can be used. In my eyes, this is a perfect solution to the many unfit and inactive children we see in modern times. Making children do things they don’t want do to not bode well for anyone. Instead, make it a game and everyone becomes a winner with Kyn.

Self-regulation specifically refers to the understanding and control of one’s emotions. With a developing child, the sooner you can get them to really understand this often difficult side of being a human, the sooner they can accelerate their maturity in a positive way. Activities on the watch that assist this development include quiet practice, meditation, and exercises too. These pop up sporadically and offer the child 3 to choose from.

The Calendar feature is in place to help children develop time management and general organizational skills. Kyn has worked to make the calendar options varied, from simple reminders to more in-depth timings. In time with this reminding and ongoing support, children can learn to become efficient in their self-organization which will undoubtedly transfer into more productivity and progression.

The Digital Pet is a well thought and delicately crafted way of conveying all of the above for the child. Each user has their own digital pet who sets them quests and makes the whole process of self-betterment highly entertaining. The pet offers congratulatory remarks to reinforce the sense of accomplishment which in turn stirs greater motivation to keep ongoing.

The Kyn app is the control panel for the parent, as well as the basis for reporting back the data collected. The option includes a snooze mode for the Digital Pet, which effectively disables the apps. Parents can also customize their own goals and more for their own unique child to undertake, based on their ability.  This is available on iOs and Android smartphones.

All in all, the Kyn is a rather exceptionally good idea that has a lot of promise behind it. A real win-win for both parents and children, these apps set the child on the right path for developing exceptional standards and behaviors for themselves. The parents don’t have to push their child into anything either, which is often difficult to do anyway. From start to finish this is effectively a game for the children! Without a doubt one to look out, congratulations Kyn for this brilliant concept.


Rupert Pople

Rupert is the founder of this website and a smart home tech enthusiast fascinated by the power of connected devices. Within his Business Management (BSc) degree at the University of Nottingham, he studied the technological impact of the Internet of Things.

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