Amazon Alexa Exec Joins Control4

The founder and pioneer of Amazons Alexa Smart Home division has plans to join home automation firm Control4. Charlie Kindel was an Amazon exec who had a key role in the development of Alexa and its associated smart home products, such as the Echo. Kindel actually left Amazon in April needing some time to rest after 5 years of hard graft. In a recent interview with The Verge, Kindel said he needed to mix things up and found himself having conversations with Control4.

Control4 is a publicly listed home automation company based in Draper, Utah. The company will look into your home and plan the right systems for you, and then install them. It has customer education resources to help purchasers choose the right pieces of their smart home ecosystem. A single Control4 software then effectively controls the devices. From a smart home enthusiast perspective, it is one of the best options if you have the money.

Moving forward, the relationship between Amazon and Control4 looks positive. The Control4 CEO Martin Plaehn and Kindel both assert that Amazon and Control4 are complementary offerings to each other.

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