Snapchat Goes At It Again With New Spectacles 2

Snapchat is releasing an updated version of their Spectacles;  a pair of glasses equipped with cameras on the outer-upper portion of the frame. Their first version sold over 220,000 units, but an excess of inventory affected the companies financial reports in the third quarter 2017. Despite an apparent over the ambition of demand initially, Snapchat is pressing on, perhaps dues to the augmented reality tech race that is still left to kick off.

Snapchat Spectacles V2


For those of you who don’t know about Spectacles, here’s a bit of what they do. They work with your Snapchat account to record video segments that can be uploaded via your Snapchat smartphone app. The idea is pretty simple; let users record what they see from a first-person point of view. The format of the recording is a circular view to represent human eyes. It works by tapping a button on the outer rim of the spectacles on the top left which initiates the video recording which by default lasts for ten seconds. This is the maximum length of a snap, though you can record up to 30 seconds although a second tap before the ten seconds will stop it sooner. Then through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (depending on if you have Android or IOS) it is transmitted and viewable from the Snapchat app.

A few of the main differences include color, price, size and water resistance. The Spectacles 2 models come in three colors, Ruby Onyx, and Sapphire, compared to the first gens coral, black, and teal. Essentially both models come in a red, black and blue but the Spectacles 2 has been recolored to appeal better to most people and in my opinion, preliminary photos do show some improvement in taste. Spectacles 2 cost $150, $20 more than the last version, and they are light water resistant in situations like rain, unlike the first generation model. The newer Spectacles are also smaller – 5.51 x 1.89 x 0.98 inches vs 7.2 x 3.8 x 3.8 inches and also lighter. The Spectacles 2 are charged up to four times via a portable charging case that is also rechargeable.

Some of the ideas with the updated colors are to hope that people will like them enough for them to become their main pair of sunglasses. Again the question of privacy issues is pretty blatant. Abuse of this is incredibly revealing about users personal lives if Snapchat has the potential to see what you do, including when you put them down on the side. They can be purchased now at:

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