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apple homekit

Building an Apple HomeKit based smart home is the easy and obvious choice for those already heavily invested in Apple with iPhones, iPads and Macs. Your current iOS system already has the software setup for you making it especially easy to to add new devices.

Apple HomeKit is not just a connective medium but also a security standard. Only the most secure and premium devices can be accepted and have a “Works with HomeKit” label. When choosing these devices to add in to you smart home, you can be sure that you are getting the highest standard.

This article will provide you with the best options of device to add to your HomeKit system in a range of categories.

If you haven’t already then please learn about Apple Airplay 2, an equivalent of Chromecast.

Best Smart Speaker: Apple HomePod

Apple HomePod

The Apple HomePod is the obvious place to start this list. Apple tend to lock users in to using their products, and the HomePod is the most obvious case in the HomeKit setup.

HomePod is an incredibly good speaker, outperforming its competitors the Echo and Google Home when it comes to sound quality. This does come at a cost, as the HomePod is several times the price of the Echo Plus,

The speaker exclusively works with Siri which isn’t as well thought of as Google Assistant and Alexa. Nonetheless, it is horrendously incapable and you even may already be a fan of it when using your iPhone.

Currently you do not have choice so for now you will have to accept the HomePod and Siri combination as your setup.

Best Smart Lighting: Philips Hue

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit

Regardless of your choice of smart hub or smart assistant, when it comes to smart lighting there is just one brand that sticks. Philips Hue is the market favourite due to slick branding, starter kits and feature rich control.

A starter pack typically comes with the Philips Hue Bridge hub and four smart light-bulbs which may be white or multicolored. Control of the smart lighting system is done via the Philips Hue app and you can operate the lights using Siri.

Light bulbs are not the only choice you have, smart LED strips and lamps are part of the Philips Hue series of products.

Best Smart Thermostat: Ecobee 4


Ecobee produces the best smart thermostats that work with Apple HomeKit. Googles Nest learning Thermostat is not supported by HomeKit due to the rivalry between Apple and Amazon. This is a big shame due to Nest being the most effective and impressive smart thermostat available on other platforms.

The Ecobee4 smart thermostat is the top of range choice as it features an inbuilt Alexa voice control and room zoning for more precise temperature control.

Best Smart Lock: August Lock Pro+

august smart lock

August is the premium brand of smart lock technology and the Pro+ is a feature rich and secure device. The perks of the August Lock Pro+ involve voice control, remote control of the lock, up to date DoorSense monitoring and Bluetooth detection technology. When you walk up the door the Lock Pro+ knows and unlocks the door. Setup and installation is easy so don’t be worried if your not savvy in this area.

Best Smart Security Camera: Arlo Ultra

Arlos Ultra security camera is the top of the range outdoor choice from the brand. When it cames to HomeKit, the case of smart security cameras is similar to that of the smart thermostat. Nests IQ Cameras are ultra impressive pieces of technology that are not supported with HomeKit, another real shame.

Not too much worry is to be had as the Arlo Ultra has impressive specs such as 4K HD, an inbuilt smart siren and noise cancelling two way talk features.

Best Smart Plug: Belkin Wemo Mini

Belkin Wemo smart plugs are cheap and effective solutions to update your old devices, slashing vampire electricity bills. The free Belkin Wemo app is the control point for the plugs which can be operated remotely from any location. You may also sync your devices to work together simultaneously. Away Modes randomised lighting is an easy way to make it look like your at home and deter any intruders.

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