Fam-it! Smart family security

Smart technology is not just about enhanced user experiences and gimmicky functions. Take a look at Fam-it!, a smart home security camera with a powerful story and true purpose behind it. Designed to keep an eye on your elders and ensure their safety, this indoor camera is focused on family wellbeing, making it unique. Fam-it!, was created by its founder Bobo following tragic circumstances, the death of her aunt alone at home. After being stricken with grief, she landed on her feet by creating this camera as a bid to make sure such tragedy can be avoided easier. Currently, they are on Kickstarter but soon they will be up and running on Indiegogo too.

One of the biggest challenges of Fam-it! was to maintain a balance between ensuring the protection of individuals without stepping the line of personal privacy. Here is what they have done to overcome these issues:

  • Flexible access options. Whoever is in control of the app can easily revoke and enable access to others to prevent unnecessary monitoring 24/7.
  • Online Voice Alert. This innovative approach provides the individual being monitored with a noise notification with the name of the monitor. A speaker on the camera enables this.

If you want to compare this camera to some of the market leaders, you will see the spec and software is at the top level. A dedicated companion app, the Fam-it App, acts as a control panel for the cameras but also as a family system. The Fam-it! camera is no just a camera, it is a place for the organization. For example, any member can access shopping lists, polls, alerts and more.

More standard camera features include 1080p HD resolution, 2-way communication enabled by microphones and speakers, night vision and 120 degrees Field of Vision. Infrared sensors also provide the basis for motion detection which sends push notifications to the user’s smartphones, in the same way, Arlo, Ring, and Nest do.

With a unique twist and family-orientated approach, the Fam-It! is a very impressive proposition in its early stage. Without a doubt this a smart camera to look out for in the next year or two.




Rupert Pople

Rupert is the founder of this website and a smart home tech enthusiast fascinated by the power of connected devices. Within his Business Management (BSc) degree at the University of Nottingham, he studied the technological impact of the Internet of Things.

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