Vigek Smart WiFi Peephole Doorbell Review

It is always important to keep an eye out on new and upcoming smart devices, even from lesser-known brands. Vigek is a smart tech startup based in Canada that has come out with some impressive and high spec pieces of kit. Included is their Vigik Peephole Doorbell, an infrared battery sensor that works in a similar fashion to the Ring Video Doorbell.

Vigek Doorbell Features


Vigeks Peephole Doorbell is WiFi connectable, which is absolutely essential for any device of this kind. Vigek have also built an accompanying app (compatible with Android, IOS & Wechat) which mediates its functionality and features. The process of this peephole works by sending a notification to the user when the doorbell is rung. There is also real-time monitoring that allows the user to see their front porch 24/7. What is really cool about the Vigek doorbell is the free cloud storage of videos and images that are saved for up to 6 months after. This is extra useful as this media can be used for reference and retrospectively when investigating a security breach. Finally, it should be mentioned that the traditional peepholes optic visuals still work with or without wifi as a conventional peephole. Also give our other article on the Skybell and Ring doorbells a read.

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