Blink XT vs Arlo Pro

Blink XT vs arlo pro

Choosing the right smart security is especially important in preserving the safety of your home. If you are unsure whether to go for the Arlo or Blink you have come to right the page. Deciding on which security camera you go for will be made easy from the in-depth research and hours spent culminating information,

This article will take a focus and compare the Blink XT vs Arlo Pro, by exploring the most important features. Include are camera, detection and other security features without any area being mossed. In addition to this, you should read this comparison of the original Arlo, as well as the Arlo Pro 2, against the Arlo Pro is recommended. This is just so you are aware of the benefits of a wider range of Arlo cameras.

Blink XT vs Arlo Pro 

 Arlo ProBlink XT
DesignArlo ProBlink XT
Cloud Storage
4-6 Months2 Years
Arlo ProBlink XT

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1.Set up

Blink and Arlo have setup instructions that are similar in regards to their ease and the time taken. This applies to both the physical installation and syncing as well as in-app configuration. Later on down the line, you may add in extra cameras in a few even simpler steps.

Blink XT Setup

Setting up the Blink system is an easy DIY process from start to finish. Every Blink camera system comes with a Sync Module to help with this setup and regulate the camera’s power usage. Just plug the Sync Module in and follow the steps on the Blink app. From start to finish it can be outlined in a few easy steps:

  1. Plug the Sync Module into an electricity socket
  2. Launch the Blink app and run the setup
  3. Place your camera/Blink devices wherever you like

Arlo Pro Setup

Setting up an Arlo Pro security system is as straightforward and even similar to the Blink XT. The Arlo Pro comes with the Base Station, which is similar to the Sync Module and the setup is mediated by the Arlo app. In a summarized manner it can be summed up as:

  1. Download the Arlo app and run the setup wizard
  2. Connect the Arlo Base Station hub to your router via an ethernet cable
  3. Crate a Netgear account
  4. Sync your cameras to the Arlo Base Station hub via the app
  5. Run the Base Station and camera firmware via the app


The design is always the first element of a device that you notice and is especially important when it will be housed in obvious places. Smart security cameras, such as the Blink XT and Arlo Pro certainly fall into this category as the role of cameras is both to monitor and deter burglars. These cameras need to be seen, so they also need to look good for all welcome guests. The design of the Blink against the Arlo Pro offers slightly different styles, shapes, and colors although their size is similar.

Blink XT

Blink XT

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The design of the Blink XT is modern and slick, coming in matte black in a square shape that measures 2.8-inch x 2.8-inch x 1.34 inch. The camera is placed to face out from the largest surface, ie the 2.8 x 2.8-inch sides. Against white walls, it may stick out a bit too much, but given that it is more important to keep your home secure, you can let it slide.

Arlo Pro

Arlo Pro

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The design of the Arlo Pro is a favorite by many as they are especially sleek white measuring by 3.1 x 1.9 x 2.8 inches. The camera is placed differently to the Blink XT as it is on one of the smaller sides, making it look more like a camera.

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3.Camera Features

Arguably the most important set of features that needs to be considered, the cameras specs and available functions dictate how well the Arlo Pro and Blink XT perform. Included are features relating to how well they captured a trigger event and perform as a security system.

Field of Vision (FOV)

A FOV of 110° is the area that both the Arlo Pro and Blink XT can record, an adequate amount especially if a system of linked cameras are being used. A wider FOV is can see more horizontally and therefore may capture footage not seen if it was narrower.

  • Arlo Pro and Blink XT have the same FOV of 110°

Live View

Live View is available with the Arlo Pro and Blink XT and is accessible via the accompanying app that may work on a desktop browser or app. Although each of these cameras will record footage when triggered by motion or audio, the Live View feature is more useful for checking in when sound or noise is heard outside that is suspicious.

  • Arlo Pro and Blink XT have Live View

2-Way Audio

A two-way talk feature is available on the Arlo Pro but not on the Blink XT, The 2-Way Audio of the Arlo Pro lets the user listen in and talk to through the camera via an inbuilt speaker and microphone simply from the Arlo app. This may be useful for instructing a delivery man or questioning someone who may be unwelcomely on your property.

  • Arlo Pro has 2-Way Audio

Night Vision

The night vision of the Blink XT is better than the Arlo Pro, as it is capable of producing brighter and sharper images in the dark. Night vision is one of the more important features that is needed in a smart security camera. The majority of burglaries naturally happen in this time so it is wise to purchase a product that can effectively sort out nighttime intruders. In reality, the Arlo Pro can still do as good of a job of seeing and identifying people and is actually more useful for this time of day as the 2-Way Audio effect can deter unwelcomed visitors.

  • Blink XT has better night vision

Motion Detector

The motion detectors of the Blink XT and Arlo Pro are similarly matched as both of these devices are sensors are sensitive and will capture what they need to on camera. However, many find an excessive overload of notifications triggered by a tree branch swaying in the wind leads them to turn off notifications.

This isn’t necessarily specific to either model, it more depends on how well you configure the setup and set the sensitivity on a scale of 1-100. Both the Blink XT and Arlo Pro may take a bit of trial and error to perfect the sensitivity scale in order to record only what needs to be.

Smart Siren

Any Arlo Pro bundle comes with an effective smart siren included built into the base station. The Blink XT models don’t have this included but their Panic Siren can be purchased as an add-on. This feature is one of the most important as it can deter burglars from stealing your valuable goods.

The Arlo Pros smart siren definitely beats the Blink XTs, for now at least. It can either remotely triggered or automatically when detecting motion. In this case, it is important to get your motion detectors in the right balance or you could be in for some unexpected sirens. The Arlo Smart Siren can achieve over 100 decibels which is pretty darn loud and audible from some distance.

The Blink Panic Siren has somewhat been slated by its users. It is priced around $50 or so and claims to reach 105 decibels. In reality, the volume is nowhere near this, equatable to a phone ringing! This is a major downfall of the Blink XT and Arlo Pro, as currently, the siren is frankly terrible.

  • Arlo Pro has a better Smart Siren

4.User Interface & Display

Blink XT vs Arlo Pro User Interface


The Blink XT and Arlo Pro both use apps as the main user interface for their smart home security systems. The Blink XT ticks the boxes in regards to being able to access live video streaming, motion alerts and customization of your cameras and other settings. The Arlo app is comparatively better organized than the Blink app and is certainly more feature rich.

  • Arlo Pro and Blink XT have accompanying app


Alexa can be used to control the Blink XT and Arlo Pro. This takes a bit of setting up via configuration with your Amazon device.

  • Arlo Pro and Blink XT can be controlled with Alexa

Blink XT vs Arlo Pro Video Resolution

This is a feature where the Blink XT  is slightly superior to the Arlo Pro. Both of the resolutions are technically HD, just the Blink XT has relatively more pixels in the same area. Realistically, this is a nice perk rather than a game changer factor in your purchasing as smart security cameras are not home entertainment systems.

  • Blink XT records at 1080p
  • Arlo Pro records at 720p

6.Storage Options

Blink XT vs Arlo Pro Storage Options

The Arlo Pro or Blink XT must be able to store what it sees as this information may be needed to identify anyone who burgles your house. There are two types of storage that may apply to smart cameras; cloud and local. Cloud has become the go-to method of storing security footage and firms offer complementary data as part of the package.  If this is not enough, then it is possible to purchase more storage for the Arlo and Blink cameras in some circumstances. Trigger events that follow motion detection are usually short bursts of video, typically five seconds or so. They can also be deleted if deemed uneventful, so you’re likely not to suffer from a shortage of data.

Free Cloud Storage

Free cloud storage options are available from Blink and Arlo cameras, but the way this is done is slightly different. The Arlo Pro free cloud storage works on a weekly/seven-day cycling basis. Recordings which are triggered by motion will be deleted after seven days. The Blink XT will record up to two hours of triggered events before wiping the oldest footage. How long this lasts, in reality, depends on the sensitivity set on your camera and how busy your neighborhood is.

  • Arlo Pro and Blink XT have free cloud storage

Extended Cloud Options

The Arlo Pro offers subscriptions for extending the amount of data that can be stored on the cloud but the Blink XT does not. There are several packages available from $2.99 a month up to $14.99 a month.

The most expensive Arlo package provides cloud storage for triggered events up to 60 days after and allows up to twenty cameras to be used for cloud storage. The free option just allows six cameras, so if you want to upsize your smart camera system and keep the storage on the cloud, you must be prepared for this subscription cost.

Extended cloud storage does provide a safety net if some relevant footage or evidence slips by and is needed further downline for investigation.

  • Arlo Pro has extended cloud options available with a subscription fee

Local Storage

The Arlo Pro security system comes with the option to record triggered events and place the data in a local USB storage device that plugs into the Arlo Pro base station. This may be a preferred option if you want permanent storage of video footage, rather than the expiring cloud style of storage.

The Blink XT does not have this as an option. When you purchase a Blink XT you tied down to their free cloud storage system with no extended option or local storage option. Realistically, serious home security incidents will be identified and dealt with swiftly, within the timeframe of these cloud storage options.

These refreshing styles for cloud storage should not have too much of an impact. That said, it is much better to take your home security into your own hands and be reassured with extended storage options.

  • Arlo Pro has a local storage option

Battery Life

The Blink XT and Arlo Pro take slightly different approaches to the batteries they use. The Arlo Pro has a shorter overall battery life of around 4-6 months, although it may be less in reality. These batteries are rechargeable and take just two hours to do, which is quite a remarkable ratio of usage to recharge time.

When they are running low, you will receive an email notification to remind you to recharge them. The Blink XT battery lasts for two years on a pair of AA batteries, which is very impressive! While the Blink XT is arguably slightly more️ convenient, the battery life should not be a deciding factor in your purchase as the other features are more important and the effort going into replacing or recharging batteries is low.

  • Blink XT lasts for 2 years on a pair of AA batteries
  • Arlo Pro lasts 4-6 months on rechargeable batteries 

7.Other Features

Blink XT vs Arlo Pro Other features

Wire Free

As it says on the tin, both the Arlo Pro and Blink XT are both 100% wire-free cameras. This is standard for the best smart security cameras and makes the set up far easier and the camera itself more sightly. This is an expected feature of a smart security camera as wireless cloud storage is used. 

  • Arlo Pro and Blink XT are wireless


Being able to withstand a variety of weather types is a must for an outdoor security camera like the Blink XT or Arlo Pro. There isn’t much need to go into detail here, both of these cameras are suitable for the outdoors with an IP65 rating or better. Some cameras struggle with extremely cold temperature, so it is worth checking with the brand if you live in an especially cold climate.

  • Arlo Pro and Blink XT are weatherproof

Final Word

The more complete security camera is the Arlo Pro, although the Blink XT does perform a little better in a few areas such as its night vision and 1080p playback resolution. The Arlo Pro offers superior features that the Blink Xt doesn’t have, such as 2-Way Audio, Smart Siren and more extensive cloud storage options.

Blink XT

The Blink XT is a solid option of smart security camera system but misses some important features. It does have a smart siren but it has been equated to the volume of a cell phone ringing, which is pretty useless.  One area of that sticks out with the Blink XT is its very bright and sharp night vision recording.

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Arlo Pro

The Arlo Pro is one of the best wireless smart security camera systems available at the moment Advantages over the Blink XT include 2-Way Audio enabled by a speaker and microphone in each camera, a smart siren that works very well and extensive cloud storage options.

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