Best Bluetooth Speakers with WiFi Functionality

Here is our guide to all bluetooth speakers with WiFi in 2018. Our list below should make it simple to compare all WiFi Bluetooth speakers available for 2018.

Portable Bluetooth SpeakersWi-FiWeightWaterproofAlexa
Amazon TapYes0.47 kgNoYes
Denon HEOS 1Yes1.905 kgNoYes
JBL Link 300Yes1.7 kgNoNo
JBL Link 500Yes3.5 kgNoNo
JBL PlaylistYes0.12 kgNoNo
Libratone ZIPPYes1.496 kgNoYes
Libratone ZIPP MiniYes1.088 kg?Yes
Samsung Radiant 360Yes1.401 kgNo?
Sony LF-S50GYes0.75 kgYesNo
Sony SRS-HG1Yes0.79 kgNoNo
Sony SRS-X77Yes1.9 kgNoNo
Sony SRS-ZR5Yes1.7 kgNoNo
Sony SRS-ZR7Yes1.8 kgNoNo
UE BLASTYes1.927 kgYesYes
UE MEGABLASTYes1.723 kgYesYes

Rupert Pople

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