Best Bluetooth Shower Speaker

best bluetooth shower speaker

Bluetooth speakers ruggedness, water resistance, and compactness mean they can be used in many more circumstances than just the sitting room. One common application is to bring them into the shower, something that hasn’t really been possible before due to the complications of wires and electricity. The best Bluetooth shower speaker can bring your self-scrubbing to life. Say hello shower time singalongs or warm up to the party your headed to on the weekend. The best Bluetooth shower speaker models listed are also fantastic all-around Bluetooth speakers. Given this, we would recommend using them for multiple situations. Also spare a few minutes to read our best Bluetooth speaker comparison article.

Key Features of Shower Speakers

The best Bluetooth shower speaker needs to be able to deliver top-tier audio quality and a strong enough sound to combat the noise of running water. The speaker needs to be loud but not super loud for you to hear it over this. Most of our best Bluetooth shower speaker models will be able to go far louder then is required. Most importantly the Bluetooth speaker needs to have a strong waterproof rating, an IP67 or IPX7 at least. Each best Bluetooth speaker we have chosen all meet this standard so they can have a permanent place in your shower without risking damage. To be safe you must keep it out the way and avoid getting soap on it as there is no guarantee that it will be protected against this.

The other key features we have considered are battery life, if it has handle or strap, its size, and wireless range. The perks of each of these are pretty self-explanatory. Most battery life will last you week’s worth of shower so no need to fret too much about it. The handle or strap option is mostly a personal preference if you want the speaker at head level height. We don’t see this as a defining feature in deciding the best Bluetooth shower speaker. If you have a rail a clip may be handy or if you have a hook then a fabric strap will work too. The size of the speaker should not be critical either if it is just to be used as a shower speaker. The top tier of best Bluetooth speaker are fantastic all-round speakers so having them just in the shower would be a bit of a waste. The wireless range will not matter too much if it’s just for shower usage, but it could be handy to have a large range if you want to leave your smartphone in the kitchen whilst you shower.

Key Points

  • Sound quality most important factor in ranking
  •  IPX7 & IP67 are highly waterproof
  • Avoid soap
  • Battery will last weeks
  • Handle & straps may be useful
  • Size not important if just being used in the shower
  • Wireless range less important

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Shower Speaker Price Categories

We will break down for you the best Bluetooth shower speaker for 3 price categories; a high end, mid-range and budget option. The best Bluetooth shower speaker high-end options include best Bluetooth shower speaker models towards or more than $200. The mid range best Bluetooth shower speaker models are typically upwards of $50 towards $100 or a little more. Finally, the best Bluetooth speaker budget options are usually below $50. All the best Bluetooth shower speaker models in every category have the same level of waterproofing. The key difference that an increase in price brings is the sound quality of all frequencies and overall volume. The total average battery life goes up fairly linearly between each price range from 12 to 14 to 20.4 hour. The cheaper options have more handles and straps in their group whilst the most expensive best Bluetooth shower speaker category doesn’t. This will be due to the weight and size of the more expensive options.

Key Points

  • Best Bluetooth shower speaker models are around $200
  • Best Bluetooth shower speaker mid-range models are around $100
  • Best Bluetooth shower speaker budget options around $50 or less
  • More money gets sound quality, volume & battery
  • Budget options typically have hooks or straps

UE Megaboom – Premium Option

UE Megaboom


The Ultimate Ears Megaboom is one of the top Bluetooth speakers available in 2019. Given its robust and highly waterproof nature, we crown it as the best Bluetooth shower speaker. The first thing you notice with the Megaboom is the typical UE style of design, a simple cylinder with the large + and – buttons. The minimal approach is quite stylish and unlikely to cause any form of an eyesore for anyone whos taste it might not be. As well as the stated features in our comparison table such as the IPX7 waterproof rating, 20-hour battery life and 30 meters Bluetooth range, the Megaboom comes equipped with a high standard and variety of top features. It comes equipped with an AUX input, although this will likely not be needed if the sole use is for the shower.

Its round design hosts a 360 degree sound that will fill your shower with a wider sound. We consider sound quality to be the most important factor of a Bluetooth speaker and Ultimate Ears always delivers some of the best and richest sound quality you can get as a Bluetooth speaker. This was the leading factor why it is the best Bluetooth shower speaker. The UE Megaboom has a punchy sound to it and the bass is powerful. It doesn’t quite reach the very lowest of frequencies, but it does do a good enough job overall. Those who crave the deepest of bass frequencies may want to look elsewhere given what’s available in this price range. The mids and highs are the strong points of the Megaboom, with crisp and clear sounds even at its maximum volume. Using UE’s app, you can “Double Up” two Megabooms together (or their other speakers) for a surround ad larger radius of sound.

As it will be used in the shower it is unlikely you will be taking your Bluetooth speaker to its peak volume in the shower at least. The Megaboom, as it clearly states in the name, can go very loud. This is a key selling point for many buyers so such a feature may be wasted if you only plan to have it in the shower. Because of its lightweight speaker meaning it is a top speaker for its portability and being fitting for many scenarios. The UE Megaboom is the best Bluetooth shower speaker, although it is really one of the top speakers for its portability, sound quality, and robust build.


  • 360 degree sound
  • Best sound quality
  • Punchy bass
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • Very loud


  • Doesn’t reach the quality of the best IPX4 speakers

UE Wonderboom – Mid Option

Shower Bluetooth speaker - UE Wonderboom


If UE can do it once then they can do it again. The Wonderboom takes our top pick for best Bluetooth shower speaker in the mid-price range for having shared some of the characteristics of the Megaboom. It is the best Bluetooth shower speaker in the mid-price range but also one of the best all round for the price tag. The Wonderboom is a shorter and thicker speaker which keeps the unique + and – symbols on its design. It is very robust, almost unbreakable in fact. This is a key selling point for many speakers in this price range as they are often marketed as being used in pools. What is neat with the Wonderboom, is the little fabric loop at the top of the speaker. This makes it suitable for placing on a hook or another object in the shower to get it at the perfect height for listening. The most notable features of the Wonderboom include its IPX7 waterproof rating, 10-hour battery life, and 360 degrees sound.

As the name says, it is a boomer of a speaker. This is a major selling point for UE’s speakers along with a powerful bass. Like with the Megaboom, these products are the best Bluetooth shower speakers, but really it is a speaker to fit many occasions. These can both easily fill a room full of people with music especially when you take advantage of UE pairing system. The bass is very solid for the size and price of the Wonderboom making it suitable for dance music genres. The mids and highs are decent, certainly as good as you will get for the $100 mark, but they aren’t exceptional. When showering you will unlikely be able to get the full audio experience from any speaker due to the noise of the water, so this may not be such an issue anyway. There are some user reports of the speaker not lasting well or malfunctioning in time. This is somewhat normal for a lot of tech especially if you are exposing it to the elements.


  • 360 degree sound
  • Very loud
  • Fabric loop for hanging
  • Virtually indestructible build


  • Longevity questionable
  • Battery life could be longer

JBL Clip 2 – Budget Option

Shower Bluetooth speaker - JBL Clip 2


Our budget choice for best Bluetooth shower speaker detours from UE’s to another very well known brand. The JBL Clip 2 is a miniature speaker which is a bit of a bargain. At this end of the price range, features are competing with each other given limited costs and budgets being needed to keep low. The best sounding Bluetooth speakers under $50 tend to just have IPX4 waterproof ratings, meaning that they are just soundproof. An example is the Anker SoundCore 2, find out more in our best Bluetooth speaker article. When the price gets low you get an IPX7 waterproof rating at the cost of other features such as volume and sound quality, so don’t expect any of these best Bluetooth shower speaker budget options to be the best sounding.

The JBL Clip 2 is a slight an exception to the rule, which is why it is out best Bluetooth shower speaker budget option. Despite its very small size, it has a relatively good sound quality although it doesn’t quite match those listed on our best Bluetooth speaker article. The Clip 2 could be considered super portable, very light and very small with a clip making it very easy for attaching to a belt. In the shower, it could be clipped on to any object with a small enough radius and unlike the Wonderbooms fabric hook, it can go onto a railing. The mid-range of the JBL Clip 2 is certainly its smoothest sounding range of frequencies. This will do the trick with projecting clear vocals for the perfect shower singalong. The bass doesn’t have much weight which is not surprising in this price category.  It also has a speakerphone although this will unlikely be a priority for anyone showering. At a very cheap price, this may well be the best Bluetooth shower speaker option for most readers. The price justifies having this speaker as a sole Bluetooth shower speaker.


  • Cheap
  • Decent mid-range
  • Clip
  • Very portable


  • Sound quality lagging behind best non-waterproof under $50

Final Word

We hope you found our best Bluetooth shower speaker article informative and can see the right Bluetooth speaker for you. If you decide to go with another option for your shower Bluetooth speaker, then we highly recommend sticking to the best-known brands and getting an IPX7 or IP67 water resistance rating.

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