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  • Sonos vs bose

    Sonos vs Bose

    Two brands that come to mind when thinking about premium audio home entertainment systems are Sonos and Bose. Whilst they offer many different types of speaker, their standalone units are very popular choices of devices for listening to home audio entertainment such as podcasts, music, and video media. In this article, we specifically look at their top of the range…

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  • Amazon Tap vs Echo

    Amazon Tap vs Echo

    Whilst Amazon is not the market leader when it comes to sound quality, the tech giant has produced some speakers that are worthwhile considering. The Echo is the best known thanks to being a control panel for smart home technology and incorporating Alexa to do so. The slightly lesser known Amazon Tap is similar with its Alexa feature, although does…

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  • best battery life bluetooth speaker

    Best Battery Life Bluetooth Speakers

      Below is our go-to list to find your next Bluetooth speaker with high battery life, with our comparison chart sorted from Bluetooth speakers with the best battery life to the lowest. These are the perfect choices to take out for a long day at the beach or for a party in the outdoors. It should be noted that some…

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