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  • Sonos One vs Play:1 – Everything You Should Know

    Smart speakers really have revolutionized the home-audio market, by allowing users a more customizable experience when listening to their favorite tunes. The inclusion of things like voice control, adjustable EQ, and between-room leveling, has made the whole experience both more convenient and efficient.  But with smart speakers becoming so successful, there are endless companies and manufacturers jumping on the hype,…

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  • Photo of Sonos Playbar vs Playbase

    Sonos Playbar vs Playbase

    In the speaker industry, Sonos has become synonymous with high tech and quality audio that delivers premium sounds. In their home audio, with a focus upon cinematic experiences, the Sonos Playbar and Playbase are two of their most sort after products. These two home audio speakers share many similarities and relatively fewer differences. This article will provide you with all…

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  • Photo of Sonos vs Bose: Which is better for home audio?

    Sonos vs Bose: Which is better for home audio?

    This Sonos vs Bose comparison will look at two brands that come to mind when thinking about premium audio home entertainment systems. Whilst they offer many different types of speaker, their standalone units are very popular choices of devices for listening to home audio entertainment such as podcasts, music, and video media. For some cheaper options please take a read…

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  • Photo of Amazon Tap vs Echo

    Amazon Tap vs Echo

    Whilst Amazon is not the market leader when it comes to sound quality, the tech giant has produced some speakers that are worthwhile considering. The Echo is the best known thanks to being a control panel for smart home technology and incorporating Alexa to do so. The slightly lesser-known Amazon Tap is similar with its Alexa feature, although does not…

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  • Photo of Best Battery Life Bluetooth Speakers 2020

    Best Battery Life Bluetooth Speakers 2020

    Below is our go-to list to find your next Bluetooth speaker with high battery life, with our comparison chart sorted from Bluetooth speakers with the best battery life to the lowest. These are the perfect choices to take out for a long day at the beach or for a party in the outdoors. It should be noted that some of…

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  • Photo of Best Bluetooth Speaker with Lights

    Best Bluetooth Speaker with Lights

    Related: Best Speakers with Built-in Microphone Combining light and sound makes your speaker an evermore versatile product which gives you an overall better entertainment experience. The lights built into Bluetooth speakers can be used for a wide variety of purposes. This includes some being more focused towards certain purposes more than others. These include setting are relaxing mood, helping drift off…

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  • Photo of Best Bluetooth Shower Speaker

    Best Bluetooth Shower Speaker

    Bluetooth speakers ruggedness, water resistance, and compactness mean they can be used in many more circumstances than just the sitting room. One common application is to bring them into the shower, something that hasn’t really been possible before due to the complications of wires and electricity. The best Bluetooth shower speaker can bring your self-scrubbing to life. Say hello shower…

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  • Photo of Best Bluetooth Speaker With Microphone

    Best Bluetooth Speaker With Microphone

    Having a microphone built into a Bluetooth speaker is a fairly common and expected feature. All of our choices here are from very well known brands and the individual models may well be familiar to you.  As these options are all portable speakers which have a microphone built into them, it is only fitting that they are our top choices…

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  • Photo of Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 50, 100 & 200 Dollars

    Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 50, 100 & 200 Dollars

    Want the best Bluetooth speaker you can get your hands on in 2020? Don’t know what features to look out for? This article is for you! We explore the best Bluetooth speakers in every price category: under $50, under $100 and under $200. No matter what your budget is, you will be able to find a suitable Bluetooth speaker that…

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