Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 200 Bose SoundLink Revolve

Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $200

Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $200 When you consider the best Bluetooth speaker under $200  category, you are almost considering some of the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy. The true best tend to be a little bit more than this, for example, the Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus is $300. This range is where the price …

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Mid-Range Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone

Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $100

Best Bluetooth Speaker under $100  The best Bluetooth speakers under $100 category is where the music sounds start good, loud and are suitable for the pool. Our choices include options where the RRP is actually over $100 but are usually available on Amazon for less than this. The JBL Flip 4 is the best Bluetooth …

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Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $50

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $50  The best Bluetooth speakers under $50  are compact, portable and waterproof – perfect for traveling. With the price of Bluetooth speakers you really pay for sound quality and given that you shouldn’t expect to be completely wowed by even the best Bluetooth speaker under $50. That said, it is pretty incredible …

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Comcast has big ambitions in the smart home market

Comcast is developing and testing a technology that allows its broadband customers to use their TVs as a smart home hub. Smart home hubs have most popularly been manufactured and purchased as smart speakers. Amazon and Googles new screen devices suggest this may be changing.  


Alexa the personal medical advisor

Alexa is being used by charities to create tools that help users identify symptoms of breast cancer, as well as provide them with other information. This new check instructs users on the 8 most common symptoms and signs. The skill is opened with “Alexa, open Breast Cancer Care”, which is a breast cancer charity.


Calix reveal GigaSpire networking system

Calix has announced their new GigaSpire smart home system combines an array of technologies. Included are the mesh Wi-Fi, security, analytics, IOT, Alexa and EXOS, their operating system. This is a new opportunity for smart home tech opportunities to provides a new network method in their devices.


How 5G could help smart home technology

A new article by CNET discusses the widespread impact that 5G will have on technology including in the modern smart home. The new technology is being embraced by many industries such as self-driving cars. The reliable and high bandwidth network will offer the best connectivity method for many devices. Smart home technology has an abundance …

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AC1900 vs AC1750 Routers

AC1900 vs AC1750 Routers Routers are attached with terms and features that can be a little confusing to any individual who is not informed in the area. This article will explain to you exactly what the differences are between AC1900 and AC1750 routers and then overview a few of the best of each type. What …

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Best Speaker for Echo Dot

Best Speaker for Echo Dot If you purchase an Echo Dot you may not be too impressed with the sound quality that is projected from its speaker. This is fine as the selling point of the Echo Dot is the inbuilt smart assistant known as Alexa. Alexa can do many wonderful things, from answering any …

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Arlo vs Nest vs Ring

Arlo vs Nest vs Ring – Outdoor Camera Comparison Smart home security cameras are one of the most popular and sought-after uses of connected devices. A few top choices of manufacturers lead the market with the newest and most impressive hardware technology and security available. This article will outline the best of the outdoor cameras …

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