Arlo vs Arlo Pro vs Arlo Pro 2
Arlo vs Arlo Pro vs Arlo Pro 2 – 2018
Arlo vs Arlo Pro vs Arlo Pro 2 Netgears Arlo security cameras lead the field in smart home security. With
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Best Roomba For Pet Hair
The Best Roomba for Pet Hair Which Roomba is best for pet hair? One of the most common applications of
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iRobot Roomba 960
Compare Roomba Models 2018
Compare Roomba Models 2018   The iRobot Roomba is the best-recognized brand of robot vacuum, known for its high-quality reputation. Their
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Best Smart Home Hub
Best Smart Home Hub 2018
Best Smart Home Hub 2018 Our Top 5 Smart Home Hubs   What is The Best Smart Home Hub? We
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Neato vs Roomba 2018
Neato Botvac D7 Connected vs Roomba 980 iRobots Roomba is the best selling robot vacuum in the world. The brand
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Best Bluetooth Shower Speaker 2018 – Buyer’s Guide
Best Bluetooth Shower Speaker 2018   Bluetooth speakers ruggedness, water resistance, and compactness mean they can be used in many
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Best Bluetooth Speaker 2018
  Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 50, 100 & 200 Dollars The most limiting or enabling factors in the purchase of
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iLife vs Roomba 2018
iLife vs Roomba – Which is better? The iRobot Roomba has solidly cemented itself as the best-known robot vacuum brand,
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Create an Alexa Skill for a free Echo Dot

Amazon is pushing its API in many areas for Alexa in a bid t0 get their software as far reaching as possible. This follows a recent announcement that Alexa has reached compatibility with 20,000 devices this year, increasing several folds from the start of 2018. In the second half of October, from the 15th to …

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The IoT is keeping us all safe

An interesting new article by Forbes, has provided an insight into many different areas where the IoT is in full swing to keep us safe. Although the IoT is more recent in the smart home, it has had a place in many other areas for a much longer period. Included are public buildings, where the …

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UK releases a voluntary code of practice for smart home devices

The UK government is encouraging the manufacturers of smart home devices to do as much as they can to improve the security of the devices. A new voluntary Code of Practice looks at smartwatches, virtual assistants and other toys. HP and Centrica Hive are the first two companies to sign up to this. Technology is …

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Googles Nest invading privacy

Smart tech brings cameras and sensors into the home. It has been discovered that Googles smart home division, Nest, has been sharing data with the US government to assist law enforcement. This brings attention to smart home privacy issues that are becoming more and more familiar.


More than a million people ask Alexa to marry them in 2017

Alexa gets asked everything. In 2017, an excess of one million people asked Alexa to marry them and all one million got rejected. The motivations for asking would vary hugely, from romantic frustration to a fun joke. Maybe Alexa will be a companion in the future, just like the film Her.


Amazon widens reach with new camera API

A new developer kit by Amazon is allowing smart home cameras and video doorbells to work in sync with the Echo range. The recent Amazon Echo event revealed the new generation of Echo products to be released imminently. This included the Amazon Echo Show which is a tablet styled smart home hub, a type of device …

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Amazon teams up with leading insurance firm Travelers

Amazon and the property-casualty insurer Travelers have teamed up to create a store for insurance policies on the world’s largest e-commerce site. Smart home technology is being progressively more considered by home insurance firms and their policies. There are now many deals on the purchase of smart home products and accompanying insurance discounts. A smart home …

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Google Home Hub Announced

Google has announced a new smart home hub simply labeled the Google Home Hub. The Google Home product line is mostly seen smart speakers with smart hub capabilities built in. Now they have taken a stronger tack on the smart hub element with the Home Hub. This device is tablet-esque screen that provides the principal interface …

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Facebooks Portal launches amid concern

The launch of Facebooks Portal and Portal Plus devices is being accompanied by concerns over privacy and security. In a post yesterday on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg wrote a few lines on the device and a provided a link to the pre-order. He posted a photo of his children using Portal to talk to their grandparents …

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Smart Home Ticklist Part 2

In our first part of the smart home tick list, we discussed the need for an adequate Wifi system in regards to the broadband, reliability of your ISP and the router you choose. After ensuring you have the right internet setup you will want to look into the devices you wish to use and toy …

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