Best Bluetooth Speaker with Lights

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Combining light and sound makes your speaker an evermore versatile product which gives you an overall better entertainment experience. The lights built into Bluetooth speakers can be used for a wide variety of purposes. This includes some being more focused towards certain purposes more than others. These include setting are relaxing mood, helping drift off to sleep or for partying into the early hours of the morning. The principal purpose of many light up Bluetooth speaker products is to add another dimension of entertainment into the speaker that accompanies your beats. The prime example of LED Bluetooth speaker that does this is the JBL Pulse 3. This light up Bluetooth speaker syncs to the music that is being played and matches the beats to create a light show. This sort of feature best accompanies music being played at parties, to create a disco effect. The best-LED Bluetooth speaker will usually come with customization options via their dedicated control app. There are light up Bluetooth speaker options that are more geared toward setting up the atmosphere for relaxation in the evening. Some of these are actually marketed principally as a night light, although they are as much a speaker as a light. An example of this is the SHAVA Night Light. This uses warm light temperature to help set the tone for sleep.

The majority of the light up Bluetooth speaker models we have listed in our comparison chart are designed for the party aspect of the LED lights. We have included some of the most important features for the point of comparison which include battery life, waterproof rating, size and light show options. We also include whether any of these come with a dedicated app for control and customization. F

Best High-End Bluetooth Speakers with Lights

Our top picks of light up Bluetooth speaker models earn their place for offering the best and richest sound with the most comprehensive features. These speakers are bigger but with good reason; to give you more bass, louder beats, and a better light show. These also all have a dedicated mobile app for greater customization of lights and other features. The light shows here are very good for small devices. This tier of light up Bluetooth speakers wins the best light show quality by some margin., especially go party situations. Finally, the top Bluetooth speaker with lights have on average a much stronger battery life, although the JBL Pulse 3 lags behind the others in this area. They also all have some degree of waterproofing, although some better than others. The Sony SRS-XB41 is the overall best light up Bluetooth speaker for its funky and freshest looking disco styled lights with one of the best sound quality. The JBL Pulse 3 would be better suited for pool parties because of its superior IPX7 rating meaning it is fully waterproof.

Typical Features of High-end Bluetooth Speakers with Lights

  • Best sound quality
  • Dedicated device apps for customization
  • Longer battery life
  • Bigger size for more volume
  • Best for parties
  • Pairing

Best Mid-Range Bluetooth Speakers with Lights

The Bluetooth light up speaker models in the mid-price range still offers a great product with decent sound quality, light show options, some mobile app control and some form of waterproofing. With a drop in price, you do see a fall in the all-roundedness feel of the speakers compared to the top end products, although relatively minor. The most notable differences are in the sound and battery life. Generally, these models battery lives are half that of the top picks. If you plan to use your light up Bluetooth speaker for an outdoor party then it is highly recommended to go with some of the Sony SRS or JBL Pulse 3. These options as these will last the full length as it is important to remember these battery life numbers are normally taken from 75% or less total volume.

Common features if Mid-range Bluetooth Speakers with Lights

  • Good quality build & sound
  • Sound quality and volume drops from top group
  • More portable
  • No strobe option
  • Battery life about half of the top picks
  • Less waterproof (on average)

Best Budget Portable Bluetooth Speakers with Lights

These cheap and cheerful options of Bluetooth light up speakers are the most portable group, due to their light weight and smaller size. These budget Bluetooth speakers are rather less suitable than the others for a party for a few reasons. Not much chance would be stood for a large party as their smaller size and therefore lower maximum volume is limiting. The light shows are less impressive with none of them having a light show option. In essence, these are rather more one directional in their style and applications. There is no light show syncing options or strobes, although there are still some nice colors presented. Only the Basspal has a waterproof rating, something to consider in your purchase. The MIANOVA and SHAVA are marketed more as relaxing night lights with an inbuilt speaker, rather than a Bluetooth light up Bluetooth speaker. These are perfect for setting relaxing moods for the evenings.

Common features of budget light-up Bluetooth speakers

  • Less volume
  • Portable/travel option
  • No light show
  • Less party orientated
  • Nightlight options
  • Lowest battery life average

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List of Bluetooth Speakers with Lights

Bluetooth Speakers with LED LightsLED LightsBattery life (up to)Waterproof
Sony SRS-XB41Yes24 hoursYes
Sony SRS-XB40Yes24 hoursYes
Sony SRS-XB31Yes24 hoursYes
Sony SRS-XB30Yes24 hoursYes
Sony SRS-XB21Yes12 hoursYes
Sony SRS-XB20Yes12 hoursYes
Sony LSPX-S1Yes4 hoursNo
JBL Pulse 3Yes12 hoursYes
DOSS TravelerYes12 hoursYes
Creative MetallixYse24 hours?
Monster RoveYes?Yes
Monster Superstar BlackFloatYes7 hoursYes
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