Ring vs Ring Pro vs Ring 2 vs Ring Elite

Ring vs Ring Pro vs Ring Doorbell 2 vs Ring Elite
Ring vs Ring Pro vs Ring 2 vs Ring Elite 

Ring has been one of the pioneering firms when it comes to smart doorbells. First invented in 2012 and then pitched on Shark Tank in 2013, they have been one of the most successful business stories in the 21st century.

Recently they sold out to Amazon for over $1bn, which is as strong of a vote of confidence you can get for a brand and their products. This is made clear when you compare this brand to other video doorbell manufacturers such as Skybell, which is also a solid product.

This Ring comparison showcases premium devices set for different budgets.

The concept is simple and amazingly effective; turn your doorbell into a camera so you can communicate with and see your front porch whenever you need to. This complements a set of security cameras such as the Arlo outdoor wire free range.

The Ring Video Doorbell range consists of four products:

DesignRing ProductCheck Availability
Ring Video DoorbellVIDEO DOORBELL
Ring Video Doorbell 2VIDEO DOORBELL 2
Ring Video Doorbell ProVIDEO DOORBELL PRO
Ring Video Doorbell EliteVIDEO DOORBELL ELITE

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All of these products work and do their job well.

This comparison is a matter of whether you want to pay for some premium but not necessary features.

This article explains to you why you should get Video Doorbell, go over their features, provide an overview of each model and compare their similarities and differences.

Each features importance will be stated based on how beneficial it is and whether there is much difference between models.

Ring Doorbell Comparison Chart 

DesignRing ProductMotion DetectionCameraPowerWiFi Connectivity
Ring Video DoorbellVIDEO DOORBELL5 Selectable Zones
180° FOV
Live View
Night Vision
Battery2.4 Ghz
Ring Video Doorbell 2VIDEO DOORBELL 25 Selectable Zones
160° FOV
Live View
Night Vision
Hardwired or Battery
2.4 Ghz
Ring Video Doorbell ProVIDEO DOORBELL PROCustomizable Zones
Camera Detection
160° FOV
Live View
Night Vision
2.4 Ghz
5 Ghz
Ring Video Doorbell EliteVIDEO DOORBELL ELITECustomizable Zones
Camera Detection
160° FOV
Live View
Night Vision
Power over Ethernet
2.4 Ghz
5 Ghz

Why you should get a Video Doorbell Camera

When it comes to home invasion there are some persuasive beliefs among homeowners, but the reality may be surprising.Statistics show that most burglars will avoid homes with security systems and most thefts happen during the day, when people are away at work.

While the truth may be surprising, homeowners know they want to protect their property and possessions. This is why security products have been the most popular in the smart home market. In fact, smart home camera devices account for over half of the industry’s revenue.

Since its modest beginnings, Ring has continued expanding its home security products to keep users safe and connected. The idea behind their doorbell video camera stems from a technique that burglars use, which is to ring the doorbell to test and see if anyone is home before they break in and rob the place.

Every video doorbell from Ring is reliable and effective in improving security.

How the Doorbell works

The concept of the Ring Video Doorbell series is that you can always answer your door even if you are away from home. The devices allow you to speak to the person at the door and even see a video of what is happening, such as package deliveries, etc.

It works by sending a signal to your smartphone and allowing you to connect to the device through the Ring app. With Ring, users can make it seem like they are always there. This offers users’ dwellings a level of security that others lack.

Police have also noted that doorbell cameras can help cut down on theft. According to USA Today, an officer with the Los Angeles police division said they saw a 50 percent reduction in home thefts on those domiciles with Ring products installed compared to homes without.

Given that the company has recently been acquired by Amazon, it is safe to say the Ring brand will continue to thrive.

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Before we dig into each Ring device and explain the main similarities and differences we will explore the most important features and their significance.  These features can be broken down into categories as laid out below. As these devices are all within the same product line, there are man similarities.

App & Smart Home Compatibility

Rings Video Doorbells smoothly fit into smart home ecosystems via connectivity enabled by the Ring App. Those who wish to use automated chains of action can also hook up the Doorbells into IFTTT applets.

Ring App

The Ring App is available on IOS, Android, Mac and Window 10 devices and connects via Wifi. The app is the control point for your Doorbell device, something that you require if you want to use it effectively.

Following motion detection or the ring of your Doorbell, the Ring app provides a push notification to make you aware of the activity and respond using the microphone and speaker, or just view the camera feed.

You can access the camera live view whenever you wish.


Rings devices are compatible with IFTTT which allows you to get greater control over them and true home automation. An example of an applet for Ring is to Blink your smart lights when your doorbell rings.

Motion Detection 

Ring Video Doorbells use either a camera or infrared based motion detection system. There are also customizable zones you can use to focus solely on one area of the field of vision, a door for example.

Motion Zones

Rings products have the ability to be focused on detecting motions in specific zones in their field of vision, whilst ignoring the other zones. The older models have 5 preset zones whilst the Ring Pro and Elite have highly customizable motion zones.

Motion Zones

Detection Technology

Rings Video Doorbells either use infrared sensors or a specialized camera to identify when motion is detected.

Standard Motion Detection: Uses passive infrared sensors for optimized low-power usage. Used in the battery versions of Ring products; Original Doorbell and Doorbell 2. Visitors are identified when a moving heat signature is detected.

Advanced Motion Detection: Uses a camera that is active and less false motion detection. Use in Rings AC powered Doorbell products; Doorbell Pro and Doorbell Elite. Better at telling humans and animals.

Camera Features

Video Doorbell cameras have a few features and specs you should be aware of. These includes the field of vision, live view, night vision, resolution as well as the degree of weather resistance.

Field of Vision

The size of the area that the camera can see. A larger field of vision will cover a greater visual area from your front door. Bigger is generally better, but the purpose of the Doorbell is to detect those who come up to your front door.

Camera Features

Live View

Through the Ring app you can access a live feed of your Doorbell at any time.

Night Vision

All of Rings Doorbells have the ability to record images when there is reduced light at night time.


All these products are HD at either 720p or 1080p. Any discrepancy doesn’t matter as your Doorbell is for security not entertainment.

Weather Resistance

The Ring Doorbell series was designed to be able to cope with outdoor environments as they are exclusively meant for front doors. This means the hardware is robust and rugged against a variety of weather fronts, from wind to rain, or dry heatwaves to snowy days.

They all can operate within the same temperature range; -5F to 120F. This is suitable for the vast majority of people, although there will be some climate events where the device could stop working or break.

Power Supply

quick release battey pack

The original Doorbell and Doorbell 2 are battery powered with rechargeable batteries.

The Doorbell 2 batteries are quick release, meaning you can charge them without having to remove the whole device.

The Doorbell  2 can also be powered with hardwiring.

The Doorbell Pro can either be powered through rechargeable batteries or hardwired.

The Doorbell Elite can just be powered through an ethernet cable.


All of Rings products depend on Wifi to operate and sync up with your smartphone or device. They recommend that you have a bandwidth of 1Mbps or more.

Ring Video Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell

View Reviews of Ring Video Doorbell on Amazon

The first in the Ring series, is, of course, the original Video Doorbell. This first generation product of 2013 put together to a doorbell and video camera, to make a smart piece of tech. The device uses Wi-fi to let you see and talk to someone at your front door. It is the most basic device in the series and comes in a black or silver color with a somewhat bulky appearance. However, it works with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows 10 systems so it is accessible by almost any smartphone owner.


Ring Doorbell Features

The Doorbell is smart home compatible through its Wifi connection and the Ring app which allow it to connect to your ecosystem. The Wifi connection network type used is 2.4 Ghz, which isn’t as fast as the newer 5 Ghz used by the more recent Doorbells. It does have a longer wireless range though.

The installation of the Ring Doorbell is straightforward although it does require some screwdriver work. The handy can install the device in a matter of minutes. Following that, the Ring app is free and all its features are very easy to setup and use.

The device has a basic motion detection feature that can send alerts to your phone if there is movement on your front porch. This uses the less customizable preset zoning system and infrared motion detection technology. 

The Ring app also lets users share videos and alerts with any other local Ring members. This rapidly notifies a neighborhood of suspicious people or activity.

Push notifications are also programmed to appear when your Doorbell is rung to allow you to answer your front door wherever you are. The Ring Doorbell was one of the first products to ever achieve this global front door access when it was invented in 2012.

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The two-way talk feature allows you to talk to anyone who rings, wherever you are.

The original Doorbell records in HD 720p, the lowest quality out of Rings range. A 720p resolution is enough for achieving the purpose of the smart doorbell. The additional pixels of 1080p that the newer Doorbells have very unlikely help you better identify people on the video feed.

The lense of the Ring Doorbell is wide angled with a FOV of 180 degrees to increase the breadth of motion detecting around your front porch.

The Video Doorbell uses battery power.

Night vision technology continues the use and work of the Doorbell when there is low light.

Ring offers Lifetime Purchase Protection on its devices.

There is a charge for cloud storage with Rings optional recording plan. Ring offers users cloud access for $3 per month for each camera or $30/year. This is all optional but it is highly recommended in case you need to look back at footage to identify anyone.

All of Ring’s cameras have the same level of weather resistance, that is they can be used in -5 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees.


On this first-generation device, the alerts are basic.

To see a video, you need to open the app, which can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

For some users who are home, it is just quicker to open the front door.

No HomeKit support.

No live video features.

View Reviews of Ring Video Doorbell on Amazon

The second line in the product series, the Video Doorbell 2 is a step up from the more basic model. It comes with a more powerful camera, live video option and a removable battery for recharging. This device can also be hardwired. As it predecessor, the Video Doorbell 2 works with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows 10 systems.


One of the advantages of the Video Doorbell 2 is its quick-release rechargeable battery, which you can remove, and charge separately and then put it back in the camera. This is an upgrade on the older version, which required users to remove the entire device to recharge it.

Many of the original Doorbells features can also be found in the Doorbell 2. This includes:

Simple installation that takes about 5 minutes and a free app to help you manage the device.

180degree camera angle.

2.4 Ghz network

Basic motion detection that can notify you if it is triggered.

Two-way talk feature with noise cancellation and built in microphone and speakers.

Doorbell 2 differences

The Doorbell 2 has 1080p HD Video, which is an upgrade to the first generation’s 720p HD video. As discussed with the original Doorbell, this difference is nice but not essential as 720p is a good enough quality to fulfill the task of the camera.

Comes with different mounting options and two cover plates so you can customize the look you want.

Inside the box, the Video Doorbell 2 comes with a handy toolkit that includes wires, a level and more to help you get it installed.


Ring decided to downgrade their camera field of vision for this generation, which has a 160-degree wide camera angle rather than the 180-degree in their first model

These mean people need to be relatively close to the door before it will capture them. and the footage won’t eas wide. In practice, this won’t make much difference.

ring two way talk feature

View Ring Video Doorbell 2 on Amazon

Video Doorbell Pro

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

View Reviews of Ring Video Doorbell Pro on Amazon

Ring’s top of the line model, the Video Doorbell Pro has a sleeker design than the first two generations but has maintained features that made the previous versions successful, including a two-way speaker, 1080 HD video camera and night vision. As with all the Ring products the device and app work on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows 10 devices.


Unlike the previous two versions, the Pro needs to be hardwired into your home. There is no fiddling with battery packs. This could either be seen as a negative or positive. 

This Doorbell offers both 2.4 GHz and 5 Ghz Wifi connections. A 5Ghz Connection will be snappier in short distances.

Many of the Doorbell 2 video features remain the same which includes; 1080p HD video capture, 160 degrees FOV, Live view and Night Vision.

Unlike the earlier version, this one features advanced motion detection capabilities and will notify you if it is activated.

An interchangeable faceplate offers four different colors and you can change them up as much as you like.

Again there is the necessary twoway audio feature with noise cancellation and a builtin microphone and speaker.


While some users will appreciate the hardware feature, not having a removable battery pack can make for a tougher installation. The Ring website indicates it can take about 15 minutes to install for the average user.

View Ring Video Doorbell Pro on Amazon

Video Doorbell Elite

Ring Video Doorbell Elite

View Reviews of Ring Video Doorbell Elite on Amazon

The Video Doorbell Elite is Ring’s top of the line device. The design is the most aesthetically pleasing and it has the capability to be the quickest and most streamlined video camera device they make. The features are similar to the Pro with a couple of extras thrown in for users willing to pay a premium. This is the most expensive and best device out of the Ring, Ring Pro Ring Doorbell 2 and Ring Elite comparison.


Ring Video Doorbell Elite Features

The Elite is the most compact Doorbell. Once installed, a Video Doorbell is there to be noticed, so the more minimal and less bulky the device the better. This size reduction is one of the upgrades you pay for.

Ring have achieved this by making the Elite hardwired only and having no battery option. It has PoE (Power over Ethernet) to minimize the wires that have to be used to operate the camera.

The Elite functions on Ethernet power, which makes it the speediest in the family. Ethernet not only makes the Elite the quickest of the bunch, but it is also the most reliable power source.

There are four removable faceplates, so you can alternate the look.

Features that have remained constant include:

  • 1080p HD video resolution
  • 160 degree FOV
  • Two-Way Talk feature with noise cancellation

Users can access the video live view on demand and night vision, so you can monitor you home anytime day or night from wherever you are.


Unfortunately, the Ring Elite has yet to fully integrate with other smart home devices. For example, it isn’t compatible with the SmartThings (yet) which means the Elite cannot communicate with the rest of your smart home products.

Ring Door Bell Elite Compact

View Ring Video Doorbell Elite on Amazon


While Ring has continued to advance its doorbell camera technology from the first generation to the last, many of the features have remained the same between the Video Doorbell 2 and the Elite. 

Video features such as the Live View & Night Vision are found in all of the devices.

As well, all the products demand a solid Wi-fi connection for them to work as quickly and efficiently as users would expect. A user’s internet connection needs to be at least 1 or 2 Mbps for the doorbell device to function.

For consumers who like the doorbell chime noise, there are add-on products that will maintain the ding-dong sound, if that’s your thing.

The company also offers set up and installation videos for customers who need a little extra support getting started.

One of the best parts of a Ring device is the free app, which is not always offered by smart home product manufacturers. There are some on the market who charge a monitoring fee.

Users will also appreciate the sharing capabilities of the Video Doorbell line of products. This allows everyone in the home to use the app to monitor what is happening at the door. It also allows for sharing with neighbors and other Ring users so that customers can be notified about alerts and suspicious behaviour happening nearby.

They are all weather resistant and withstand the same temperature range.


One of the main differences of the Ring, Ring Pro, Ring Doorbell 2 and Ring Elite, include the power source, with both the Elite and Pro missing the battery power of the earlier two.

Only the Doorbell Elite is powered by an Ethernet cable.

The Video Doorbell 2 with its removable battery pack is certainly an upgrade worth paying for over the firstgeneration device.

Their products have a bulkier look than other doorbell camera devices on the market, although the Pro and the Elite are sleeker versions of the technology. They addressed this by making the cameras hardwire only without any battery compartment. 

The motion detection and night vision features are more advanced in the second version but remain similar in the Pro and Elite devices.

The Pro and Elite versions of the doorbell allow the user to customize the motion detection zones, while the earlier two devices only permit users to pick from preset settings.

Final Word

The bottom line is that when it comes to picking the right doorbell camera users can’t go wrong with a Ring branded device. They are all easy to install and simple to manage with the included app.

The Ring, Ring Pro, Ring Doorbell 2 and Ring Elite comparison shows four products spread along a range of budgets.

Ring is quite possibly the best smart doorbell product range at the moment. Amazon bought the company for over $1bn very recently which is an incredibly powerful vote of confidence. It also promises very high integration and compatibility of Rings software with future Amazon devices such as the Echo.

Ring doorbells have been designed to protect your family by alerting you to disruptions at your door, even if they are just a snake.

Each Doorbell is a product worth having and each newer device has slight improvements. Deciding where you want to go in the range will depend on your budget on whether you care about the bulkiness of the device.

The newer devices have more premium features but the original Doorbell will still do the job.

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