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Below is our go-to list to find your next Bluetooth speaker with high battery life, with our comparison chart sorted from Bluetooth speakers with the best battery life to the lowest. These are the perfect choices to take out for a long day at the beach or for a party in the outdoors. It should be noted that some of these declared battery life figures apply to certain volumes such as 75%. If you're blasting some belting tunes nonstop at maximum volume you will run through the battery life in less than the numbers given.

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They are a good overall indication of what you can reasonably expect though. The Bluetooth speaker with the longest battery life is the Altec Lansing Omnijacket Ultra, with a whopping 60 hours. It's a fairly good Bluetooth speaker but the selling point is certainly the battery life which trumps most models considerably. Read our best Bluetooth speaker article for a complete overview of the best.

Bluetooth speaker battery life

Portable Bluetooth SpeakersBattery life (hours)WeightNumber of SpeakersSize
Altec Lansing Omnijacket Ultra602.517 kg?X-Large
Altec Lansing Boom Jacket 2500.453 kg2Large
Altec Lansing Super Lifejacket502.086 kg?X-Large
Altec Lansing Omnijacket501.247 kg?Medium
Altec Lansing Sonic Boom506.577 kg?X-Large
Altec Lansing Lifejacket XL401.859 kg?X-Large
Fugoo Sport400.498 kg?X-Large
Fugoo Tough400.635 kg?X-Large
Fugoo Style350.440 kg?X-Large
Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Angle 3 Plus300.37 kg2Medium
AOMAIS GO302.131 kg?X-Large
Samsung Level Box Slim300.236 kgX-Large
Altec Lansing Lifejacket 3301.301 kg?X-Large
Riva Turbo X261.36 kg3Large
Samsung Level Box Mini250.392 kg?Small
Marshall Stockwell251.2 kg?Large
Sony SRS-XB41241.50 kg2X-Large
Sony SRS-XB40241.5 kg2X-Large
Sony SRS-XB31240.89 kg2Large
Sony SRS-XB30240.98 kg2Large
Sony SRS-XB3240.93 kg2Large
JBL Boombox245.25 kg?X-Large
Anker SoundCore240.365 kg2Small
Anker SoundCore 2242Small
VAVA Voom 24240.480 kg?Medium
VAVA Voom 23240.453 kg?Medium
Altec Lansing Xpedition 82411.385 kg0X-Large
B&O Beoplay A1240.6 kg2Medium
B&O Beoplay A2 Active241.1 kg2Large
B&O Beolit 17242.6 kg3X-Large
Creative Metallix240.205 kg1Small
Creative Metallix Plus240.385 kg2Small
Dali Katch241.1 kg?Large
Sony SRS-BTM8201.06 kg2X-Large
JBL Charge 3200.8 kg2Large
Anker Classic Bluetooth Speaker200.450 kg2Small
UE Megaboom200.877 kg2Large
Marshall Kilburn203 kg?X-Large
Creative iRoar201.1 kg?Large
Bowers & Wilkins T7 Wireless180.94 kg2Large
Anker SoundCore Pro184Medium
Anker SoundCore Pro+ 25W180.76 kg?Large
Bose SoundLink Revolve+160.9 kg1Large
Sony SRS-XB10160.26 kg1Small
UE MEGABLAST161.723 kg2Large
B&O P6160.997 kg2Large
JBL Xtreme Special Edition152.112 kg?X-Large
JBL Xtreme152.112 kg2X-Large
Anker Soundcore Sport XL150.600 kg2Small
Anker Soundcore Mini150.250 kg1Mini
UE Boom 2150.548 kg2Medium
Creative Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200150.5 kg?Medium
Bose Soundlink III141.37 kg?Large
Riva S130.680 kg?Medium
Bose SoundLink Revolve120.66 kg1Large
Sony SRS-XB21120.53 kg2Medium
Sony SRS-XB20120.59 kg2Medium
Sony SRS-HG1120.79 kg2Medium
Sony SRS-XB2120.48 kg2Medium
Sony SRS-X33120.73 kg2Small
Sony SRS-X11120.215 kg1Mini
JBL Pulse 3120.960 kg3Large
JBL Flip 4120.515 kg2Medium
Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Angle 3120.26 kg2Small
Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Angle 3 Ultra120.657 kg2Small
Anker Pocket120.09 kg1Nano
Anker Soundcore Boost 20W120.585 kg2Large
Beats Pill+120.745 kg4Medium
UE BLAST121.927 kg2X-Large
DOSS SoundBox Touch122Medium
DOSS SoundBox Color120.490 kg2Medium
DOSS Traveler120.689 kg?Large
Creative iRoar Go120.810 kg?Large
Libratone One Click120.907 kg?Large
Libratone TOO120.589 kg2Medium
KEF MUO120.8 kg2Large
Bose SoundLink Mini II100.68 kg1Small
Sony SRS-X77101.9 kg2Large
Sony SRS-X55101.2 kg2Large
Sony SRS-BTS50100.400 kg2Medium
JBL Flip 3100.45 kg2Medium
Anker SoundCore Sport100.230 kg1Mini
AOMAIS Sport II100.61 kg2Nano
AOMAIS Outdoor100.331 kg2Small
DOSS Soundbox XL101.569 kg2X-Large
B&O P2100.300 kg?Medium
Denon Envaya Mini100.5 kg2Small
Denon Envaya101.32 kg2Large
Denon Envaya Pocket DSB-50BT100.390 kg2Small
APIE100.326 kg2Large
WZK100.458 kg?Medium
Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro101.1 kg?Large
Libratone ZIPP101.496 kg?X-Large
Libratone ZIPP Mini101.088 kg?Large
Samsung Wireless Speaker Scoop Deisgn90.15 kg1Mini
Samsung Level box PRO90.842 kg4Medium
Samsung Scoop90.151 kg?Mini
UE Roll 290.33 kg1Medium
Amazon Tap90.47 kg2Medium
Bose SoundLink Color II80.54 kg1Medium
JBL Clip 280.184 kg1Small
JBL Trip80.229 kg1Mini
Klipsch The One83.86 kg?Medium
Klipsch Groove Portable80.77 kg1Large
Cambridge Soundworks Oontz Angle 3XL81.592 kg2X-Large
Anker Premium Bluetooth Speaker 20W80.62 kg2Medium
AOMAIS Tough80.725 kg2Small
Samsung Wireless Speaker Bottle80.396 kg1Large
DOSS SoundBox xs80.550 kg2Small
DOSS SoundBox mini80.379 kg?Small
DOSS SoundGo II80.557 kg2Medium
DOSS PowerBox80.762 kg2Large
Vava Voom 2082Medium
AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speaker80.52 kg2Medium
Creative Chrono80.366 kg1Medium
Monster Superstar BlackFloat70.226 kg2Small
Bose Soundlink Micro60.29kg?Small
VAVA VOOM 2261.759 kg?X-Large
Altec Lansing Baby Boom60.249 kg?Small
Altec Lansing Mini H20 360.198 kg?Medium
Creative Muvi 2C60.159 kg1Mini
Sony SRS-X250.51 kg2Small
JBL GO 250.184 kg1Mini
JBL GO+50.130 kg1Mini
JBL GO50.13 kg1Mini
Sony LSPX-S141.995 kg?Large
JBL Control X Wireless42.95 kg?X-Large
Anker SoundCore Nano40.082 kg1Nano

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