Roomba e5 vs 890: What are the upgrades?

Roomba e5 vs 890

The Roomba e5 was introduced alongside the more advanced and range-topping i7. Its purpose was to offer a new and refined mid-price ranged Roomba that would be a top choice for many users. When it arrived on the scene, the e5 was at a very similar level to the Roomba 890 with some useful yet relatively minor improvements. This article will compare the Roomba e5 against the Roomba 890 to highlight the few differences and explain what they have in common. Also, check out our complete comparison of Roomba models to learn about the whole range.

Comparison Chart: Roomba e5 vs 890

DesignRoomba 980roomba e5
iADAPT 2.0iADAPT 1.0
(10x Stronger)
(5x Stronger)
Resume Cleaning
Automatic Dirt
Bottom LineGood on
Pick for
budget option
AvailabilityCheck PriceCheck Price

1. Design, Measurements & Weight

roomba e5
Roomba e5
Roomba 890
Roomba 890

No different Roomba model looks the same, and it is fair to say that the e5 has adopted a more modern and slick design. The chromatic black color scheme is certainly an upgrade, in my opinion at least, compared to the slightly sludgy dark brown of the Roomba 890. Both still house the CLEAN button straight in the middle, although the layout of the HOME and SYNC button is slightly differently laid out in horizontally. Another small difference is in the size and weight as the Roomba e5 is little more compact and lighter. This is pretty minor yet it is still useful to know the e5 is more transportable and may fit in some restricted areas better. They both measure out and weigh at:

  • Roomba e5 – 13.3×13.3×3.6 inches & 7.2 pounds
  • Roomba 890 – 13.8×13.8×3.6 inches & 8.4 pounds

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2. Battery Life

Perhaps the most significant upgrade going from the Roomba 890 to the e5 comes from the battery specs. What is interesting is that they both use the same 1800mAh lithium-ion battery, yet the e5 lasts for 90 minutes compared to the 60 minutes that the 890 lasts. iRobot has certainly worked to improve the efficiency and rate the newer e5 uses up energy. However, one difference to note is that the charge time of the e5 is much longer at 3 hours compared to just 2 hours for the 890.

It may be than many users found 1 hour wasn’t enough so iRobot was keen to get the extra 30 minutes to finish cleaning in one go for many of the Roombas. The sacrifice of charging time is not so important as long as the Roomba gets it done in one go. This is more relevant as neither of these Roombas has the ability to Self-Resume cleaning after Self-Recharging.

3. Navigation Technology

Navigation technology is an especially important feature of a robot vacuum. It dictates exactly how long the cleaning job will take and that areas of dirt are found. Despite being a recent release, iRobot failed to give the Roomba e5 iAdapt 2.0 and the accompanying Smart Mapping & VSLAM. Compared to the more random sensor-driven navigation of iAdapt 1.0 which is found in the e5 and 890, iAdapt 2.0 is a class above. So, the Roomba e5 and 890 score exactly the same marks when it comes to the important navigation technology specs.

They also share the same grade of Dirt Detect technology as well as Cliff Detect. Dirt Detect users sensors to identify areas of high dirt which the e5 gives more attention to cleaning. Cliff Detect identifies the edge of stairs and other cliff points to prevent the robot vacuum falling and injuring itself or any people. 

4. Aeroforce 3-Stage Cleaning

A shared piece of hardware between the Roomba e5 and 890 is the Aerofoce 3-Stage Cleaning motor. This is motor provides the power of the robot vacuum which ultimately impacts the suction power and how successful it is at cleaning dirt and debris on various floor types. The Aeroforce 3-Stage Cleaning System is 5 times stronger than the 3-Stage Cleaning System found in the 600 series, such as the Roomba 690. As the name says, the cleaning mechanism of each Roomba is done in three stages. There is an angled side brush near the edge of the Roomba which flicks dirt into the path of the main brush on the undercarriage of the Roomba which is then sucked up into a bin in the Roomba. This is powered by the Aeroforce motor, and as you can imagine the more powerful this is the more effective this cleaning system is.

The performance on hard floors and carpets will be equal across both the e5 and the 890. Both will have an easier time with hard floors than carpets. If you have a large carpeted home it is recommended to go for a Roomba with a more powerful motor. For example, the Roomba 980 and i7 have the Gen 3 motor which is twice as strong as the Aerorforce motor. One step further, you have the brand new Roomba S9 which has the Superior motor, eight times more powerful than the Aerofroce.

Another small change is that the Roomba e5 has a washable dustbin that can be rinsed with hot water but not placed in the dishwasher. 

5. Smart Home Features

All newly released Roombas are smart home connectable via 2.4 Ghz Wifi. Both the Roomba e5 and 890 can gain access to a whole range of extensive features that enable greater control and ease of use. Apart from the features that are associated with Smart Mapping & Imprint Mapping, both the Roomba e5 and 890 can leverage the following via the iRobot Home app:

  • Statistics on cleaning – coverage, clean time and charge time
  • Start and pause cleaning
  • Schedule for different days of the week
  • Customize cleaning preferences
  • Monitor the live activity of your Roomba
  • Receive live notifications
  • Voice control with Alexa
  • Automatic software updates

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6. Main Differences

Since the Roomba e5 came in at a very similar level to the Roomba 890, you will see that all in all there are very few differences to note between the two:

  1. The Roomba e5 has an extra 30 minutes of battery life over the 890, which totals 90 minutes.
  2. The Roomba e5 has an extra hour of charging time over the 890, which takes a full 3 hours.
  3. The Roomba e5 is slightly smaller and slightly lighter.
  4. The Roomba e5 comes in chromatic black whilst the 890 comes in brown.
  5. The buttons on the hood of each Roomba are laid out slightly differently.
  6. The Roomba e5 has a washable dustbin.

7. Main Similarities

These two robot vacuums have far more similarities than difference as you will see in the following:

  1. The Roomba e5 and 890 both have iAdapt 1.0 and no Smart Mapping.
  2. The Roomba e5 and 890 both have Dirt Detect.
  3. The Roomba e5 and 890 both have Cliff Detect.
  4. The Roomba e5 and 890 both have the Aeroforce 3-Stage Cleaning System.
  5. The Roomba e5 and 890 both have access to the iRobot Home app.
  6. The Roomba e5 and 890 both have Voice Control.
  7. The Roomba e5 and 890 both have HEPA filters.
  8. The Roomba e5 and 890 both have Self-Recharge (but no Self-Resume).

Final Word

As an upgraded version of the Roomba 890, the Roomba e5 has some subtle yet useful differences that make it a better option of robot vacuum. The principal difference and real selling point of the e5 over the 890 is the extended battery life that totals 90 minutes. For many users, this will mean their cleaning job can be done in one go rather than failing when limited to 60 minutes of battery life. We hope you enjoyed this article, but if you want to explore higher-spec Roombas, we recommend checking out some of our articles on the Roomba 900 series, i7, and S9.


In this section, we will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the Roomba e5 and Roomba 890.

Is the Roomba e5 that good?

The Roomba e5 is a relatively new but solid performing robot vacuum from iRobot. It is in the mid-price range because its features are decent but not the highest spec in the Roomba range.

Do the Roomba e5 and 890 dock themselves?

Yes, both of these models will return to the Home Base and dock themselves to resume charging when running low on battery. This feature is shared across all Roomba models, whilst some of the more advanced cans resume cleaning as well (not including the e5 and 890).

Do the Roomba e5 and 890 map your home?

No, the Roomba e5 and 890 just have iAdapt 1.0 which does not include Smart Mapping technology. Instead, they navigate using an array of infrared sensors to avoid objects such as furniture.

What is the battery life of the Roomba e5 and 890?

The Roomba e5 has a battery life of 90 minutes whilst the Roomba 890 is a little shorter at just 60 minutes.

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