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  • ilife a6 review

    iLife A6 Review

    iLife is a leader at producing budget robot vacuum cleaners which still perform to the standard they need to. From the classy design to the respectable cleaning system, the iLife A6 is a solid choice for those who want to get their hands on a robot vacuum but don’t want to spend an overly large amount. In this article, we…

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  • Ooma vs Obi vs Vonage

    Ooma vs Obi vs Vonage

    VoIP services are surging in popularity due to their cost cutting nature. This article has been written to compare the three top players that currently exist, Ooma, Obi and Vonage. These are effectively hubs that live in your home and use the internet to transmit your calls. Before overviewing the top products of each of these brands, we will explain…

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  • Best Smart kitchen appliances

    Best Smart Kitchen Appliances

    Every kind of device is implanted with sensors, actuators and intelligent software. Kitchen appliances are no exception, from ovens to refrigerators, all the way scales. The precision, efficiency and enjoyment of your cooking and home living are reaching new highs with a wide range of available smart devices. This article will take you through best of smart kitchen appliances available…

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  • Keurig K50 Review

    Keurig Coffee K50 Review

    Getting yourself a a Keurig K50 coffee machine is a sure set way to spice up your beverages. Keurig are established in the market and have built up an extensive range of pods from brands such as Starbucks. In short, the Keurig K50 is a straight to the point coffee machine that churns out some quick brews and a variety…

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  • Keurig K425 vs K525

    Keurig K425 vs K525

    Ever since their introduction a little more than 10 years ago, the Keurig machines have been dominating the North American market when it comes to home brewers. You will come across lots of models right now which make it quite tough to select the right one for your personal benefits. Here, we have provided the reviews of the 2 most…

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  • Ecovacs Deebot N79

    Ecovacs Deebot N79 Review

    Robot vacuums do not have to be extortionately expensive pieces of kit. The Ecovacs Deebot N79 is a relatively cheap machine that ticks the basics and provides an adequate cleaning tool to your home. When compared to the leading and most advanced robot vacuums, such as the iRobot Roomba, the Deebot N79 will fall behind in areas that limit its…

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  • Shark Ion vs ROomba

    Shark ION Robot vs Roomba

    Robot vacuums come in many varieties of feature complexity, reflecting different budgets and brands. This article will explore the relatively more basic Shark ION Robot in comparison to the top dog of the market, iRobot. Shark ION is a well known classic vacuum cleaner brands that has recently made transitions into the robot vacuum market and to date have only…

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  • pur vs brita

    Pur vs Brita

    PUR and Brita are the two leading brands of water pitchers, that provide clean, healthy and filtered hydration. When you compare PUR and Brita water filters, you will discover there are several similarities and differences between them. We are going to explain the differences and similarities between the two. There are several benefits associated with the water pitchers, they are…

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  • wemo insight smart plug

    Best Smart Plug

    When it comes to modernizing your home into one with updated smart technology, it can seem like your only options is to spend a significant amount of money on the latest products equipped with the features. Whilst it is true that purchasing the newest devices is required to get the most out of smart features, it is still possible to…

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  • Shark ion 850

    Shark ION ROBOT Review

    Shark is an old and well-established vacuum manufacturer which has successfully¬†established a large customer base in traditional vacuums. In the last couple of years, it has made the transition towards creating a range of robot vacuums, known at the Shark ION ROBOT range. The two products of this series are the Shark ION Robot 750 and 850 version released in…

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