Schlage vs Kwikset Smart Lock Comparison

schlage vs kwikset

Two most common names you are most likely to read about or hear when you think of getting locks for your house are Schlage and Kwikset. Both have been working to keep properties secure for quite some years and have a long list of products. Now, with the introduction of smart locks, the two brands continue to excel. 

This Kwikset vs Schlage will look at two of the best smart locks from each of these manufacturers which include the Schlage Sense, Schlage Camelot, Kwikset Kevo Touch-To-Open and the Kwikset Kevo Contemporary. First, we will discuss notable features of smart locks.

If you are looking to buy your first smart lock, then you must first understand what it is. It is just like a typical lock that involves the use of a key and lock. The difference is, it is built to be more electromechanical and high-tech. Plus, the key needed to lock and unlock the door is not an actual physical key. When it comes to smart locks, your smartphone usually functions as the key.

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Schlage vs Kwikset Comparison Table

1.Schlage vs Kwikset Overview of Products

Before comparing the similarities and differences between Schlage Sense, Schlage Camelot, Kwikset Kevo Touch To Open, and Kwikset Kevo Contemporary, let’s overview these four.

Schlage Sense

Schlage sense smart lock View Schlage Sense on Amazon

The Schlage Sense smart lock is certified a commercial grade 1 lock, thus rendering it best for home security, finish, and durability. Its durability can also mean that it can withstand hammer attacks and last for many years despite daily usage. The material used can also withstand the wear and tear caused by external elements.

It is compatible with the Apple HomeKit technology which means you can unlock your door using Siri. Since it also works with Apple TV, you can lock and unlock your door with your iOS devices if the TV is within 40 feet of your lock. Moreover, this smart lock works with Bluetooth Smart too.

Once you pair up the lock with the mobile app, it is easy to set up and programming it is also quite simple. You can also pair up other phones with the deadbolt and even assign passcodes to your friends and family. The Schlage Sense allows you to store 30 access codes.

The smart lock also features an alarm technology which sounds when someone tries to open the door forcefully. All in all, the lock has surely met industry standards.


  • Can detect when somebody tries using a key
  • Features a three-year electronics warranty
  • ANSI Grade 1 certified


  • Limited compatibility with smart home
  • You need to make an extra purchase for remote access
  • The Android app is not as good as the iOS app

Schlage Camelot

View Schlage Camelot on Amazon

Schlage Camelot comes with a resistive touchscreen that has a matte finish so that smudges and fingerprints don’t stay on the keypad. Since fingerprint smudges make it easy for outsiders to guess the code, this resistive touchscreen provides additional security.

The lock also features an anti-pick shield which protects it from lock tampering. Once you enter the code, the motorized bolt will unlock and then automatically lock after a short moment. It also comes with an audible alarm which starts to ring when someone tries opening or tampering your lock. Moreover, alarm technology also detects movement and informs you of the level of awareness.

This smart lock features three alerts. There is an action alert which notifies you when someone has tried opening your door. Then there is a tamper alert which informs you when someone tampers with the lock or when the knob is disturbed. Similarly, there is a forced entry alert which starts buzzing when brute force is applied to your door.

Moreover, the Camelot trim can be paired with either an Elan lever or an accent lever, and a similarly styled handle set can also be paired with the deadbolt.


  • Comes with Z-wave smart home compatibility
  • Features a three-year warranty on electronics
  • Comes with unique alarm capabilities


  • You need a smart home system for remote access
  • It doesn’t come with a smartphone app, so you need to program the codes by hand

Kevo Touch-To-Open

View Kwikset Kevo Touch-To-Open on Amazon

While this smart lock looks like a traditional lock, it can detect the location of your phone. So, if the lock finds your smartphone to be within the range of the front door, you can unlock it easily by simply touching the lock. In fact, there is no need to take out your phone too. The lock is smart enough to know whether your phone is outside or inside the home. If it finds the phone to be inside, then the touch-to-open feature doesn’t work.

Moreover, this lock is BHMA Certified, UL Fire Rated and ANSI Grade 2 which means it is also one of the most secure locks you’ll find.

It also features high compatibility and can work with Android and iOS devices. Similarly, it is also compatible with numerous smart devices like SkyBell, Nest Learning Thermostat, and Amazon Alexa. Furthermore, it is compatible with IFTTT which increases the integration prospects of the smart lock.

With this lock, you can provide electronic keys to anyone that has a compatible smartphone. You can set keys to scheduled access for cleaners and babysitters, guest access for friends and other guests, and anytime access for your family.


  • Provides strong resistance against forced entry
  • Easy installation that takes a few minutes only
  • With eKeys, you can track who enters or exits your home


  • The app is not too reliable
  • Batteries don’t last for long

Kevo Contemporary

View Kwikset Kevo Contemporary on Amazon

The Kwikset Kevo Contemporary is relatively new to the market but makes use of the technology that is used in the Kevo touch-to-open smart lock. This lock has a contemporary design with sleek lines and is square in shape. The Kevo reviewed above was only available as a round, traditional deadbolt-styled lock.

Just like the previous model, this smart lock will work with Bluetooth technology, thus allowing touch-to-open unlocking. Once you are in the Bluetooth range, you will be able to use your phone. Furthermore, the lock allows you to make eKeys for guests and lets you track people that have accessed the lock.

The Kwikset Kevo Contemporary works well with some smart home products as well. For instance, Honeywell and Nest thermostats work with this smart lock for triggering the temperature adjustment when the door is unlocked or locked. Similarly, it can work with SkyBell and Ring doorbells to view visitors and unlock your door using your smartphone.

Furthermore, like other Kevo models, this lock also works with Alexa so you can lock or unlock it using voice commands. In addition, Kevo also has IFTTT applets to allow smart-home customization.


  • Interactive installation guide available in the app makes it easy to install
  • Military grade PKI encryption
  • Easy, touch to open convenience


  • Since your phone is your key, it can compromise your security in case your phone is stolen

2.Schlage vs Kwikset Similarities

All four smart locks make use of the latest technology thus making your day much simpler. Both the companies work to improve their technology to provide you with the latest and best software smart lock capabilities for your house.

All four locks give you convenience at the fingertips. The Schlage Sense and both the Kevo smart locks come with an app that let you control the lock, check the status of the lock, and share access with friends and family. They also let you track people leaving or entering your house.

Moreover, all four of them use Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your phone. Plus, all four have a relatively tricky installation as you will have to change the complete lock.

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 Schlage SmartlocksKwikset Smartlocks
Automatic Updates✔️✔️
Dedicated App✔️✔️
Monitor & Control (via app)✔️✔️
Shared Access✔️✔️
Bluetooth Connectivity✔️✔️

3.Schlage vs Kwikset Differences

There are numerous differences between the four. For instance, the Kwikset Kevo only uses Bluetooth technology while the Schlage Sense uses both HomeKit and Bluetooth technology.

Similarly, locks by Schlage are much more secure than locks by Kwikset. Schlage is the most secure since it uses grade 1 lock technology which is graded the most secure by ANSI. However, the Kwikset locks are grade 2 locks which are still effective but objectively not a good the premium grade.

Similarly, both the Schlage locks feature alarm sensors that can lead to potential issues and attack alerts. However, there are no built-in sensors in the Kwikset alarms, making the two less secure than Schlage alarms.

With Kwikset locks, you create maximum 25 eKeys which you can then share with visitors, friends, and family. Moreover, the eKeys are of five kinds with various access options: guest, scheduled, owner, anytime, and admin.

On the other hand, Schlage locks allow you to create 30 PIN codes with all-day or scheduled access. Furthermore, you also have the option of creating virtual keys for shared access to your house.

Both Kwikset locks appear to be standard locks that feature touch to open technology. However, the Schlage locks come with a built-in touch keypad which provides additional flexibility to those that don’t have a smartphone. They can simply enter a PIN code to unlock your door without having to use their smartphone!

View on AmazonDESIGNMODELAccessTouch KeypadAlarmANSI GRADE
Schlage sense smart lockSchlage Sense30 CodesYesYesGrade 1
Schlage camelotSchlage Camelot30 CodesYesYesGrade 1
Kwikset Kevo One-To-TouchKwikset Kevo Touch to Open24 eKeysNoYesGrade 2
kwikset kevoKwikset Kevo Temporary24 eKeysNoYesGrade 2

Final Word

If you want a smart lock that offers additional security along with flexible access options but is simple to integrate at the same time, then Schlage Sense is your best option. It is certified grade 1 which means it is highly secure. Other features also include support for Apple’s HomeKit, built-in alarm, and keypad that has a memory capacity for 30 codes. It is also easy to use for those that don’t have a smartphone like the elderly or young kids. Plus, if you have already gone through with a HomeKit setup, then you can easily control it remotely without paying anything extra. Thanks for reading our Schlage and Kwikset comparison, and we truly hope you have found a smart lock that works for you!

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