Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight vs Ring Floodlight

The popularity of smart home cameras have surged over the last few years, thanks to their increased affordability and easy to use features. An increasingly popular choice within the market has been floodlight cameras. If you are going to have a smart security camera why let is just operate in stealth? With additional features such as powerful floodlights, these cameras are more varied in their abilities. In addition to recording footage, such defense will send burglars running when given the chance to show off their might. A new model by Arlo, the Pro 3 Floodlight, is the first from the brand to fully integrate a powerful lighting system. Yes, the Arlo Ultra and Pro 3 versions did have a small spotlight, the impact this has is limited to a fully-fledged floodlight system. In this article, we will compare the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight vs Ring Floodlight and illustrate how these two fair head to head.

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Comparison Chart

ModelArlo Pro 3 FloodlightRing Floodlight
Designarlo pro 3 floodlightring spotlight
Power SourceBattery
Live Stream
Field of View160°140°
Auto Zoom & Tracking
Color Night Vision
Floodlight Strength2000/3000 lumens
1800 lumens
Free Cloud Storage
Smart Recognition
Arlo SmartRing Protect
Smart Home
Google Home
Google Home
AvailabilityCheck PriceCheck Price

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight

arlo pro 3 floodlight

Brand new to Arlo, is the Floodlight, the first of its kind for the brand to feature a powerful floodlight as part of its security system. There are two brightness levels to the floodlight, 2000 and 3000 lumens. When the camera is used wirelessly, the weaker lighting strength is used. When wired, the more powerful 3000 lumens is equipped. The difference here comes from managing energy supply, and as a wireless camera has limited power, to last longer it must be used in a more efficient way.

Beyond this, the camera features of the Pro 3 Floodlight are very impressive. With a 2K resolution and 160° field of view, this model has some of the better specs you will find in an outdoor smart camera. The Pro 3 also has an Auto Zoom and Tracking feature, just like the more advanced Ultra version. When motion is triggered at a further distance, the camera will zoom to focus on the point of interest. This allows for a better snippet of footage to be recorded for playback later.

The Pro 3 Floodlight also has a siren on the camera which can be set to work manually or automatically when motion is triggered. However, this must be done carefully as too sensitive settings may lead to the siren going off continuously. Beyond this, the camera also has enhanced color night vision, free cloud storage of footage for up to 7 days, and Geofencing which will turn it on or off depending on whether your home or not.

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera | Wire-Free, 2K Video & HDR | Color Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, 6-Month Battery Life, Motion Activated, Direct to Wi-Fi, No Hub Needed, 160° View | Works with Alexa | White
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Ring Floodlight

ring floodlight camera

The Ring Floodlight is the leading camera from video doorbell leader Ring. This smart camera was one of the first to integrate floodlights into it, something other brands are only just catching up. The Floodlight itself is weaker than the Arlo Pro 3’s, at just 1800 lumens. In practice, this difference won’t make much of an impact as the light will be noticed by a burglar. Being a wired-only camera, the Floodlight is a little less flexible too and for sure some users may be put off by this. Being able to not worry about wiring and being within range of a power socket

The camera specs aren’t quite as good as the Pro 3 Floodlights either. This is not to say that 1080p isn’t respectable or 140° field of view isn’t broad either. The camera does have a color night vision as well as the Pro 3 Floodlight. One way the Ring Floodlight is better than the Arlo version is through the louder siren, which is around 110 decibels. Although Arlo doesn’t specify the volume of their siren, users generally believe it is quite a bit quieter than this.

Unfortunately, Ring has no free cloud storage with their device. It is possible to use them without a subscription, but doing so leaves the user in the dark a bit. Cloud storage is pretty essential for ensuring security as video playback can be reviewed and sent to the authorities.

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Key Differences of Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight and Ring Floodlight

Next we will summarise for the exact key differences between the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight and Ring Floodlight. Whilst there are many similarities, each device has a slightly different approach and appeal for different users.

Camera Specifications

The Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight is hands down the best when it comes to the quality of the camera component of the device. Practically all of these features go in favor of the Pro 3 Floodlight, 2K resolution against 1080p, a wider field of view, and Auto Zoom and Tracking.

Floodlight Strength

Whether you use the camera as a battery-powered or wired device, the Pro 3 Floodlight is brighter. However, as we discussed the additional 200 or 1200 lumens shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. It still has a reasonably bright floodlight that will be enough to deter a trespasser if they want to avoid risking themselves.

Siren Volume

The Floodlights siren is louder and more alarming than the Pro 3 Floodlights. However, the same argument for the floodlight strength could be used again with the siren. The Pro 3’s siren is on the camera and still around 65 decibels, which is enough for the criminal to know they are being watched.

Power Source

The Arlo Pro 3 version is more flexible as it has both a wireless battery power option in addition to the wired option. On the other hand, the Ring Floodlight must be used with a wire plugged into the mains.

Free Cloud Storage

One big advantage of choosing an Arlo Product is the inclusion of free cloud storage for 7 days. As the cameras work through motion detection triggering and recording, it is crucial to have your video stored somewhere. Cloud storage makes life very easy as any footage can simply be viewed and retrieved via the companion app.


As the Pro 3 Floodlight is a little newer and more advanced than the Ring Floodlight, it is also more expensive. Around $50 or so more depending on a few factors.

Key Similarities of Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight and Ring Floodlight

These two cameras do share quite a few fundamental features as well as add ons.

Arlo and Ring app

Each device connects through WiFi to the free Arlo and Ring app. This is an important component of the setup as the app is the point of the control fo the cameras. Essentially, this makes them a smart device. With the app, regardless of whether it’s Arlo’s or Ring’s, there are many features and functions accessible:

  • Setup of the camera.
  • View the live feed.
  • Two-Way talk with whoever is by the camera.
  • View video footage.
  • Download video from the cloud.

Extended Cloud Storage and Smart Subscriptions

Arlo Smart and Ring Protect are subscriptions for the floodlight models that offer many additional benefits. The Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight subscription with Arlo Smart is $2.99 per month per camera and includes a few neat benefits. These are storage of video for up to 30 days later, smart alerts, animal and vehicle detection, and more.

Ring Protect is around the same price for the Floodlight but just for 30 days of cloud storage. There is a more expensive version for $10 a month which includes multiple devices and professional monitoring as well.

Final Word

The Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight is certainly a superior camera to the Ring Floodlight. Pretty much all of the features that count the most are in its favor. This is the camera specs, floodlight strength, and free cloud storage, which put it at a cut above the Ring model. However, much of this also depends on some of the other factors too. For example, if you already have a Ring doorbell, it would certainly be wiser to go with the floodlight as integration is easier. Also Ring is an Amazon company, so any Echo users could find that beneficial and easier to make the Floodlight a part of their smart home.

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