Best Roomba For Pet Hair 2019 – With Comparison Chart

Best roomba for pet hair

As a pet owner, you will know all too much about how animals can shed huge amounts of hair. Well, there is an effective solution to this which will require little to no effort from you. Say hello to robot vacuums and more specifically Roombas, the premium brand of robot vacuum renowned for high performance and advanced features. This article will show you what the best Roomba for pet hair is.

One of the most common specific applications of Roombas is to clean up pet hair. Generally, more expensive Roombas have best quality suction systems and motors, and therefore will do a better job for most cleaning purposes including pet hair. Not only are these devices the best of their brand, but they are also some of the best robot vacuums for pet hair.

However, this is an expensive kit and the chances are most readers would settle for something a little cheaper. This comparison article will compare Roomba models that will cater to your needs.

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Best Roomba for Pet Hair Comparison Chart

roomba s9ROOMBA S9+iADAPT 3.0
Roomba s9ROOMBA S9iADAPT 3.0
roomba i7+ with self disposal stationROOMBA i7+iADAPT 3.0
GEN 3YesYes
i7 roombaROOMBA i7iADAPT 3.0
GEN 3YesNo
Roomba 980ROOMBA 980iADAPT 2.0
GEN 3YesNo
Roomba 960ROOMBA 960iADAPT 2.0
roomba e5ROOMBA e5iADAPT 1.03-StageNoNo
Roomba 690ROOMBA 690iADAPT 1.03-StageNoNo

What to think about when considering which Roomba to get for pet hair?

For a proper comparison, you need to consider personal circumstances as in some scenarios a cheaper and simpler Roomba will do just as good of a job in cleaning up your pet’s messy hair. Such factors include your flooring, your pets breed, the size of your cleaning area and your budget. Your personal context will define what the best Roomba for your pets mess.

Pet Breed

There are endless species and breeds so it is up to you as a pet owner to understand how much your pet malts and how thick or long the hairs are. Some species and breeds will need a Roomba with more suction power.

Cleaning Area Size

Larger cleaning areas with multiple rooms are more suited for the Roombas with Smart Mapping & VSLAM, as these navigate more effectively. Some with extra virtual wall barriers which may be useful in preventing the Roomba from going in certain rooms.


The selection of Roombas on this page reflects the widest range of features available and therefore price. Bugdet is the most important factor that influences what you decide to go for.

Roomba S9+ – Best Roomba for Pet Hair 

roomba s9

View Roomba S9+ on Amazon

Brand new and incredibly high performing, the Roomba S9+ is a state of the art when it comes to robot vacuum technology. Not too long ago, the Roomba i7+ was released as the first Roomba with automatic dirt disposal. Storming past this model, the S9+ has much more in the tank when it comes to suction power. If your home has thick and hard to clean carpets and your pet sheds a huge amount of hair, this Roomba is what you need. The Superior cleaning motor by iRobot has 40 times the suction power of the motor found in the 600 series vacuum, The S9 (minus the +) is the exact same without the self disposal technology. This can be purchased additionally later if you are unsure. As of now, the best Roomba for pet hair is without a doubt the S9+.

Roomba s9

View Roomba S9 on Amazon


  • Best Roomba for cleaning up pet hair
  • Superiro motor power
  • iAdapt 3.0
  • Imprint Smart Mapping,
  • iRobot Home App
  • Auto Disposal
  • Voice Control
  • Recharge & Resume


  • Expensive
  • Self-Disposal is loud

Roomba i7+ – Second Best Roomba for Pet Hair 




Roomba i7+
Roomba i7+

View Roomba i7+ on Amazon

The Roomba i7+ has the best of each and every feature from iRobot, making it one of the most effective for cleaning pet hair. The key standout feature of this Roomba is its ability to self-dispose dirt, dust and pet fur. Typically it can complete thirty cleans before the bin on the home station is full.

This is the first Roomba to have iAdapt 3.0, the newest and best navigation technology ever made by iRobot. The IMPRINT mapping, a feature that allows you to clean rooms individually with control using Alexa too. Precise cleaning of any pet mess can be done without having to clean the whole living area too. The Roomba i7 is the same without the self disposal technology, which just like the S9, can be added on later. This used to be the best Roomba for pet hair for a short time but now takes second place.

i7 roomba

View Roomba i7 on Amazon


  • iAdapt 3.0
  • Imprint Smart Mapping,
  • iRobot Home App
  • Auto Disposal
  • Voice Control
  • Recharge & Resume


  • Expensive
  • Self-Disposal is loud

Roomba 980 – Strong motor and advanced navigation technology

iRobot Roomba 980

View Roomba 980 on Amazon

The Roomba 980, a high tech and well-rounded robot vacuum, was the best model for cleaning pet hair before the i7+ released.  It has the most powerful Gen 3 Motor which is useful for those with carpets, especially for those with deeper and dense carpet pile. Thick Pet hair tangled in such carpets may not be effectively covered by the weaker motors. In this best Roomba for pet hair article, the Roomba 980 is a bit lost as the above models are a better and the Roomba 960 is a wiser purchase.

The Smart Mapping & VSLAM is better suited for larger living spaces with multiple rooms as the camera allows the Roomba to effectively maneuver and clean very efficiently. This technology using a daily cleaning schedule will keep on top of your pets shedding hair as every single part of your floor space will be consistently cleaned.

Although the Roomba 980 doesn’t have self-disposal it will return to the base station to charge before restarting cleaning exactly where it left. When you head out you can rest assured that the clean will be done and every spot of pet hair will have been covered.

  • Gen 3 Motor to deal with thick carpets and thick pet hair
  • Smart Mapping & VSLAM navigation is more efficient, especially large cleaning areas
  • 120 minutes, recharge and resume ensure the largest cleaning areas are covered

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Roomba 960 – All rounded best when considering features and price

Roomba 960

View Roomba 960 on Amazon

Almost on a par with the Roomba 980, the Roomba 960 is perhaps the best all rounded choice for cleaning pet hair when considering features and price. This robot vacuum shares almost all the key features that made the Roomba 980 such a solid device for cleaning pet hair.

For example, shares many of the perks of the Roomba 980 that make it suitable for larger cleaning areas, such as the Smart Mapping & VSLAM navigation.

Where it lags behind the Roomba 980 is the slightly weaker motor and a less powerful carpet mode that could struggle with pet hair tangled in high carpet pile. For those who have thick and dense carpets with a lot of pet hair mess, the third-gen motor of the Roomba i7+ or Roomba 980 is recommended.

Although the battery life is 75 minutes, it can still recharge and resume on its own to finish the job of cleaning pet hair. The real advantage of the Roomba 960 is the price, which is typically $200 less than the Roomba 980. For the medium to high price range options, this is the best Roomba for pet hair.

  • Almost as good as the Roomba 980
  • Aeroforce 3-Stage Cleaning System may not do as good of a job as the Roomba 980 Gen 3 Motor on carpets
  • Smart Mapping & VSLAM navigation is more efficient, especially large cleaning areas
  • 75 minutes, recharge and resume ensure the largest cleaning areas are covered
  • Around $200 less than the Roomba 980

Roomba 890 – A solid mid ranged option with decent suction power

Roomba 890

View Roomba 890 on Amazon

In the mid-price ranged is the Roomba 890 which is still well equipped for cleaning pet hair although lacks some of the advanced technologies of the previous models discussed. The Roomba 890 shares the same motor as the 960, so it will achieve the same suction performance of pet hair on carpets. For thicker and denser carpets with more tangled pet hair, it will struggle compared to the Roomba i7+ or Roomba 980. The shorter battery life and iAdapt Navigation make it less suitable for very large cleaning areas too.

iAdapt Navigation is sensor-driven and relatively more random than Smart Mapping & VSLAM, meaning that cleaning areas take relatively much longer. Homes with widespread pet hair aren’t guaranteed to have every spot covered during every clean.

It also only has 60 minutes of battery life and cannot resume cleaning on its own, again proving not suitable for a large home with lots of shedded hair. If it does not cover the whole cleaning area in one go you will have to restart the cleaning manually, and unlike the 900 or i7 series Roombas, it will not return to exactly where it was to resume cleaning.

  • Carpet mode for light carpets
  • Not as good for larger cleaning areas
  • iAdapt Navigation relatively random and not as efficient
  • 60 minutes of battery life and no automatic resuming of cleaning once recharged
  • Around $200 less than the Roomba 960

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Roomba 690 – A budget smart option good for hardfloors

iRobot Roomba 690 Review

View Roomba 690 on Amazon

A cheaper robot vacuum for cleaning pet hair is the low to mid price range is the Roomba 690 which is a single tier below the Roomba 890. This Roomba is almost identical in performance and features except having the original 3 stage cleaning motor which is weaker than the 890s. This is a no go for higher and thicker carpet pile floors with tangled and long shredded pet hair.

This is a perfect choice for hard floors and pets with thinner hair. As with the 890, the Roomba 690 uses iAdapt Navigation and does not resume cleaning after self-charging, so it is probably best used in the smaller cleaning area to ensure all pet hair is cleaned.

  • Almost the same quality as Roomba 890
  • Weaker motor means it’s not as suitable for carpets
  • Work well on hard floors with most pet hair
  • iAdapt Navigation is better in smaller cleaning areas
  • Around $100 less than the Roomba 890

Roomba 614 – Best Roomba for pet hair for those on a budget

Best Roomba for Pet HairCheap and cheerful, the Roomba 614 is a bargain that can handle thinner pet hair on hard floors in small living areas. It is the same as the Roomba 690, with the only difference being it not having a Wi-Fi connection and therefore smart home capabilities.  Its other features mean it is equally suited to cleaning up pet hair as the Roomba 690. It has many positive reviews which cover a range of different pet species and breeds. It is normally below $300, which makes it the best Roomba for pet hair on a budget.

  • Identical to Roomba 690 excluding smart home capabilities
  • Weaker motor means it’s not as suitable for carpets
  • Work well on hard floors with most pet hair
  • iAdapt Navigation is better in smaller cleaning areas
  • Around $100-$150 cheaper than the Roomba 690
  • Budget option

Best Roomba for Pet Hair Final Word

Finding the best Roomba for your pet’s hair requires careful thought of your situation. Depending on your floor type, species of pet, size of the area you want to be cleaned and budget, it is not as straight cut as just choosing the Roomba i7+ as it has all the best features.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and would highly recommend checking out our robot vacuum section of the website if you want to find out more about the various options available.

roomba s9ROOMBA S9+
Roomba s9ROOMBA S9
roomba i7+ with self disposal stationROOMBA i7+
i7 roombaROOMBA i7
Roomba 980ROOMBA 980
Roomba 960ROOMBA 960
Roomba 980ROOMBA 890
roomba e5ROOMBA e5
Roomba 690ROOMBA 690


This section answers the most common questions concerned with Roombas and pet hair.

What is the best roomba for pet hair?

The best robotic vacuum for pet hair is without a doubt the Roomba S9+. This robot is equipped with the best navigation, vacuum motor and other smart features that you will find in a robot vacuum. A unique feature is its self disposing technology which can take up to 30 cleans.

Can Roomba handle pet hair?

Cleaning up pet hair is one of the most popular applications for Roombas, and for a good reason too. Most Roombas are great at picking up pet hair on hard floors and the top of the range such as the 900 series can handle critter mess on carpets too.

Is the iRobot good for pet hair?

Building on from the last question, every Roomba in the iRobot range available today is a fantastic device for cleaning up pet hair.

What is Roomba Pet Series?

The Roomba Pet Series is an old series of Roombas (655 and 595), which was designed for pet hair. These are now outdated and the newer Roombas are far better equipped to deal with pet hair.

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