Amazon Tap vs Echo

Amazon Tap vs Echo

Whilst Amazon is not the market leader when it comes to sound quality, the tech giant has produced some speakers that are worthwhile considering. The Echo is the best known thanks to being a control panel for smart home technology and incorporating Alexa to do so. The slightly lesser-known Amazon Tap is similar with its Alexa feature, although does not have the control ability that the Echo does over smart devices. We will break down each device for you and explain the key benefits of each one.

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Amazon Tap

Amazon tap
Amazon Tap

Amazon Tap, commonly referred to as a portable WI-FI and Bluetooth speaker is a rich smart home speaker
that gives a full-range sound. It has Dual stereo and a Dolby processor which offers crisp vocals and bass
response. You will discover that this speaker has dual stereo speakers which provide loud 360-degree audio,
unlike other speakers that face only on one side. If you are connected to a hotspot or wi-fi, then its simple,
you just tap on the microphone as request news, music, information, weather reports, ask for pizza, ask for
the Uber ride among many more. It can also play for a continuous 8 hours, keeping you entertained All day

Amazon Echo

amazon echo Alexa easter eggs
Amazon Echo

This is a device that is built around your voice. This is a device that enables you to get in touch with Alexa,
which is Amazon’s voice service where you can ask for breaking news, music, weather pattern, Uber riders,
new items, requesting for pizza, and many more. It is built to communicate with you effectively. That is the
power of Amazon Echo. Amazon Echo is another speaker all through, you ask Alexa to:

  • Add shopping to your cart
  • Check calendars for you,
  • Reading Kindle books
  • Updates on games
  • Locating restaurants and pubs
  • Setting timers
  • Paying credit Bills
  • Answer questions

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Echo (3rd Gen)- Smart speaker with Alexa- Charcoal
  • Meet Echo - Echo (3rd Gen) has new premium speakers powered by Dolby to play 360° audio...
  • Enjoy premium sound - Personalize your listening experience by adjusting the equalizer...
  • Voice control your music - Ask Alexa for a song, artist, or genre from Amazon Music,...

Amazon Tap vs Echo Similarities

There are many crossovers between these two devices. Yes, the Amazon Tap lacks the smart home control elements but that is not to say it is completely debunked of wireless technology. As you will see, there are some similarities between the devices.


Both the Echo and Tap can easily connect to Bluetooth and WI-FI thus allowing you to connect other
devices. Based on these, they are able to stream the likes of Tuneln, Spotify, Amazon Music, Spotify, and
many more.


Another similarity is once they are connected to the Internet with the smartphone app, the easiest method of control will be through Alexa. The Tap  will not wait for you to tell it to wake up rather, it will utilize the ‘tap and ask’ option. Once the set up is done, you can now tap the microphone which is at the end of your device and state ‘Alexa’ followed by your command. Well, if you do not want to use your voice, you can use a Hands-free selection by going to your settings, it allows you to control your Tap hands-free. The Echo now remains plugged in for proper functionality, you can always access Alexa when you have an Internet connection. Echo always works hands-free and does not utilize a’tap and ask’ function.


Both of these devices are able to access skills once connected to the Internet. Once you have enabled skills
on your Alexa device, then you can order an Uber, find your phone among other many things.


When it comes to design, these two speakers there are marginal differences with ruling similarities. The Tap and Echo look similar in shape and size in that they are cylindrical with matching finishes and coloring schemes.

echo alexa smart home

Amazon Tap vs Echo Differences

  • The Amazon Echo offers a hands-free listening experience because of its ”always on assistant”. With this,
    you will not have to tap anywhere to connect making work easier for you. The Amazon tap, on the other
    hand, has a tap and ask function which you must use for you to communicate with Alexa. You have to tap
    the microphone first then you can proceed to ask Alexa anything.
  • With Amazon Echo, you need to plug it in every time for it to perform which limits its mobility to a large extent. The Amazon Tap, on the other hand, is mobile. You can carry it anywhere and everywhere where you want. It is portable and has an ‘easy to carry’ design.
  • The Echo has a few number buttons in contrast to the greater number seen on the Tap.
  • The Amazon Echo is bigger.
  • The Amazon Tap has a better sound quality.

Final Word

Both of these have some potential as a speaker, but when considering the smart home element the Echo wins due to the Tap not having such functions. Whilst they both have the power of Alexa, with the Tap you can’t control your home, but you do get a better sound quality. If going for a speaker, it is recommended to go with a dedicated portable speaker from a more reputable audio background, such as Bose.

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