Skybell Trim Plus Review: the best compact video doorbell?

skybell trim plus review

The Skybell Trim Plus is a compact and sleek device that offers the highest standard of features you need from a video doorbell but in a smaller size. Everything from resolution, the companion app and motion detection put this gadget on a level that rivals big names such as the likes of Ring. It might not be the best when it comes to performances and specs, but the Skybell Trim Plus is likely to be a more visually friendly device for most users compared to others. A unique LED light with a choice of 16 million colors also adds variability and a little charm.

In this article, we will take you through the main features to note with the Skybell Trim Plus, its highlights, and its low points, all in order to provide you with all the information you need.

1. Skybell Trim Plus Overview

Video Doorbells are a key point for a smart home security system, and the Skybell Trim Plus plays this role very well. Skybell has delivered a product which reaches the caliber set by its older models, such as the Skybell HD. What you need is a meeting point of performance and reliability, a range of adequate features to help fulfil the primary goal of a video doorbell. So what standout features make the Skybell Trim Plus special? The com[pact design and a unique enabling an disabling of the chime feature come to mind when choosing the differentiating factors.

2. Design & Setup of Trim Plus

skybell trim plus


Design is especially important when it comes to video doorbells versus regular smart security cameras. As a replacement of your doorbell, devices like the Skybell Trim Plus will not only be seen but also pressed by everyone. Skybells purpose of this product was to offer the benefits of a video doorbell in an extra slimline manner. A minimalist, compact and unoffensive design will undoubtedly make it more attractive to many customers compared to other video doorbells.

The dimensions are a mere 1.44 inches across by 1.13 inches depth and 4.8 inches height. The rectangular shape features two dark circular components, one being the video camera and the other being the LED indicator light. The finishings available include Silver and a particularly attractive dark Bronze, a style which I prefer to Rings video doorbells.

Skybell has worked to create a system of setting up the device that is especially easy to follow. The product comes in a box that has everything that is required for installing this in your home. It works by replacing your existing doorbell and feeding the wires through the hole left. This doorbell mount ensures a solid and reliable supply of good. It can be adjusted depending on the angles requires and this indeed adds to its versatility. A little use of a screwdriver and you’re there.

Following the hardware, installation is the easy process of software installation. You just download the Skybell app and follow the instructions to install the desired settings you have.

3. Connectivity

Despite being slim, the Skybell Trim Plus is highly compatible with many systems and connectivity protocols. The main capabilities here are sourced from the software and quality of the Skybell app. Anything that the Skybell HD can work with also applies to the Skybell Trim Plus, thanks to the Skybell app. Included applications, hardware and connectivity protocols that work are:

  • NEST
  • Kevo
  • 802.11 N, G and B
  • 2.4Ghz
  • 5GHz

4. Video & Notification Features

Skybell trim plus camera

The video and notification systems used in video doorbells prop up the ability of the gadget to perform. With the Trim Plus, Skybell has maintained the standard of the Skybell HD in its video recording and monitoring features. When a users doorbell gets rung they will receive notifications so they can access their camera and talk using two-way audio. This is possible thanks to the digital microphone and speakers on the doorbell. Skybell Trim Plus records with a 1080p video camera that has a 180 degree field of vision. The image quality is also customizable and the users could choose either 480p, 720p or 1080p at 10 FPS.

Night vision with full color allows recording up to a maximum range of 15 feet. You may also zoom up to 5x normal sight to see more. The doorbell also has a motion sensor that sends notifications to the user, even if the video doorbell isn’t rung. The doorbell button also features a LED indicator that is customizable to the tune of 16 million colors. It offers the facility of cloud storage (7-day period free rolling) and it comes for free without any monthly fee.

The specs of the Trim Plus, as seen above, dictate the quality of the video doorbell. Essentially, the Trim Plus matches the high standards that have been set in the industry despite the more compact design.

5. Chime Disable & Sharing Access

skybell trim plus app

Being able to disable the chiming is useful for homes with young infants, toddlers, and children. When the chiming feature is turned off, the user will still continue to get a notification when the doorbell is activated. The product also allows multiple users to access the doorbell via the Skybell app, which can be handy when extended family members need access to homes.

6. Skybell Trim Plus Highlights

The Skybell Trim Plus successfully takes the key features and standards needed and expected for a video doorbell, despite trimming down its size. Here is a rundown of the key selling points of the Trim Plus:

  1. The super slim design is like nothing else we have seen on a video doorbell.
  2. It has one of the easiest installation procedures.
  3. It is compatible with iOS & Android.
  4. Configuration with the app is straightforward
  5. Comes with a 1-year limited warranty.
  6. Solid customer service and return process.
  7. Theft guarantee replacement.
  8. Quiet Mode – disable chime features.
  9. Multiple users access.
  10. Record videos with free cloud storage.

7. Skybell Trim Plus Negatives

The Skybell Trim Plus isn’t perfect, there are a few concerns of reliability that have been experienced by a few users:

  1. Motion sensors can be unreliable. In some instances, e users have found it to be buggy and non-functional.
  2. Two-way audio found to be insufficient by some.
  3. A few cases of malfunctioning also have been reported.
  4. A few instances of malfunctioning of the child lock system also have been reported.

Final Word

Whilst not the best video doorbell on the market, Skybells Trim Plus may please the eye of more people than the standard options in the market. In actual fact, the specs are pretty decent although reports of malfunctioning are of concern. Preference all comes down to you, although the best thing you can do is read up on many video doorbell articles. Check out the smart security part of this site to get more information on a whole range of security measure. Thanks for reading this article!

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