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The internet is the backbone of pretty much every technological related function or feature we expect from out electronics. Having a fast and reliable internet connection is huge importance to ensure all your devices are up to date and you are accessing features as rapidly as you can. This is even more relevant if you are a keen gamer or use high definition streaming services.

Well, it’s time for an upgrade. While others are still using cable modems which is turning out to be old fashioned, technology is bringing us router modems. These router modems are turning our world around because of their new features such as fast speeds and connectivity.

This article will provide an overview of the market leaders in modem router technology, their key features and offer a reference of the most important information that you need to know in order to make.

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Key Modem Router Features

With so many of them out there in the market, there are some factors that you need to put into consideration while buying a modem.


Before buying any modem, you have to ensure that it matches with the service provider. Luckily, thanks to loyal manufactures, they are able to tell you the modem type and the devices they are compatible with ensuring that no mistakes are made.


The speed of connection is the most pivotal feature of a modem router and is the leading factor in determining the ability and price of the device. You must be aware of the speeds that you are expecting and ensure that you are purchasing equipment that can handle your needs. For example, when using a Gigabyte plan then you will need a modem that matches your plan. Selecting a quicker Combo from the beginning means you will save your self from stress.

modem pre check

Channel Bonding

Channel Bonding lets you know how the speeds are split within a modem. Here, data goes through the modem and modem ISDN then split up into two channels each at 64Kbps. The best standard currently is DOCSIS 3.0 that is supported by most routers/modems combos and provides at least 4 channels. All you need to know is that Channel Bonding improves the network efficiency and performance when the modem router is in use.


It is highly useful or even sometimes necessary for a router to have a strong signal that is maintained at a long distance. Speed is crucial but without a good signal, it amounts to nothing if you’re using it in a room far away from your modem router. If you have a huge living space and want to avoid coverage issues, it may be worth looking at mesh Wi-Fi systems as these networks have consistent speeds through the whole area.

Best Router Modem Combo


TP LINK Archer CR1900 real

This is a modem that has been designed for high speeds which makes it even easier for you to use. It is slim meaning it occupies a small space and if you love gaming, then this is the best modem for you. It has 1FGHz, a dual-core chip which handles the dual-band WI-FI as well as other processors for traffic. The speed is top which is 1Gbps. The WI-FI, in turn, ensures that there is a steady connection. This is the best router combo when you own a larger home and you need a stable connection. A guaranteed 2-year warranty brings ease to the mind.


  • 1Gbps Speed
  • X6 external Antennas
  • 2 USB 2.0 ports
  • 24 by 8 Channel Bonding


  • Pricey
  • Customer support complaints



Motorola is a company that has been around for decades now and apart from producing quality phones, they have also come up with their own modem/router, the Motorola MG7550. It has a 16 by 4 channel configuration which supports up to 686Mbps. Also, its speed is around 123Mbps as per the course. The only different thing is it has the 4 Gigabyte ports as well as its good WI-FI capability. It also has a good signal. The top-notch features here include a dual-band AC190 wi-fi, and a DoS protection function. It is also slim and can be used with ease. The router has a 2-year warranty.


  • Parental controls
  • 4 Ethernet ports
  • 3 internal antennas
  • A WPS button


  • No USB port


NetGear C6250 1AZNAS

For those of us who love gaming, we are quite familiar with Netgear. They also have come up with one of the best router combos in the market. This is a new model that is fast selling because of its good performance and a couple of configuration. The model is specially made for gamers and is reliable and affordable. It has speeds of 680Mbps. Also, a 16 by 4 channel configuration. It is also a dual bandbox enabling you co get 2 GHz and a wi-fi speed on your tablet, phone or PC.


  • Operates with U.S providers
  • Good option for larger homes
  • WPS connection
  • DoS protection
  • X2 Gigabyte wired connections.


  • Less speedy than other
  • Only one USB port


Netgear NightHawk c7000

Another great modem/router from Netgear is the Nighthawk which is faster than its counterpart. It has speeds of up to 969Mbps running for longer sessions. It has a 24 by 8 channel bonding as well as 1900Mbps. It also has 1.6GHz processor which is quite unique. It is an all rounded modem and you can use it anywhere.


  • Top speeds of 960 Mbps
  • 1.6GHz processor
  • A 24 by 8 channel Bonding
  • 4 Ethernet spots


  • Just one USB port


ARRIS Surfboard SBG7580

ARRIS is another great company that has come up with surfboard SGB 7580 router/modem combo. This is the fastest modem on the list with security software from McAfee. What is more exciting about this model is it has speeds of up to 1.4Gbps which is quite fast! This means it can handle anyone with an Internet connection without the struggle. It even gets better with a 32 by 8 channel bonding and a 4 gigabyte Ethernet ports. It is available in White and Black. Also, a 2-year warranty is available.


  • 32 by 8 channel Bonding
  • Gigabyte speed of up to 1,4Gbps
  • Great coverage
  • Included McAfee security


  • Only one USB port
  • Not compatible with Verison, AT and, T, and CenturyLink


Netgear C600

Making our final item on the list is another great router/modem from Netgear. This is the cheapest and you can save some cash once you buy it. It has speeds of 340Mbps and the two channels. It is an 8 by 4 modem configuration with features like WPA/WPA2, WPS button, and DLNA sharing. Though it’s very basic, it is a great easy of entertaining yourself when owning a small house. It works with major providers such as TWC and Cablevision.


  • Operates with almost all service providers
  • Very easy to use
  • DLNA sharing


  • Not fit for larger homes
  • Only 8 by 4 Channel Bonding

Final Word

Routers are there to achieve a relatively one-dimensional purpose, meaning there features and hardware specs and ultimately their results are similar. Keeping this section short, we will put it straight to you:

  • Budget-friendly – Netgear N600.
  • Best Channel Bonding – Surf Board 7580.
  • Best all rounded –  Netgear Nighthawk
  • Best gaming – If you love speed and range, then ARCHER 1900 is the best for you.
  • Gaming in a large home –  NetGear C6250

We hope you have a better idea on this topic and make the move you need to in order to take your online activities to a speedy and reliable place.

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