Best Smartwatch for Women 2018

Best Smartwatch for Women 2018

The best smartwatch for women in 2018 is the Apple Watch Series 3. The generally high-quality feel, snappy software and wide range of features tick the boxes of what a smartwatch encompasses in our eyes. However, as ever with any tech product; one size does not fit all. Due to smartwatches being as much as a fashion statement as a tech product to many purchasers, it is a relatively more subjective tech product to review.



There is a variety of options available from steel classical looking watches to more sport styled bands. With this article, we aim to outline the key tech features that make each model stick out and are likely to be the most valuable to you in directing your purchasing decisions. A consideration of style is taken into account when we determine the best smartwatch for women, although as a tech blog we rank this as less important. This is highly subjective, of course, so you may well disagree with our choices on the best smartwatch for women.

Smartwatches can be broken down broadly into having a few purposes:

-Being a fashion item

-Acting as an interface for your smartphone

-A fitness & health tracker

Options in the smartwatch market encompass these to varying degrees, e.g. some are targeted fitness trackers, some are hybrids with a classical watch look but with limited function and some have a SIM card installed acting like a smartphone. Given these three key areas, andy purchaser must consider what they want from their smartwatch. The majority of models are inclined to suit at least one of these needs to a high standard whilst the best can hit two or more to a high level.

The Best Smartwatch for Women

We have broken down the best smartwatch for women into several different categories.

Best Smartwatch for Women 

-Apple Watch Series 3

Best Smartwatch for Women Using Android

-Michael Kors Access Sofie &

-Michael Kors Access Bradshaw

Best Smartwatch for Women Fitness

-Huawei Watch 2 Sport

Best Smartwatch for Women Design

-Skagen Falster

Best Smartwatch for Women on a Budget

-Toobur Fitness Tracker Watch

Others Worth Considering

Fitbit Versa – Good for fitness

Samsung Gear S2 (+ Classic) – Decent all round but fails to exceed 

Nokia Steel Activity & Sleep – Hybrid with the biggest battery

Fossil Q Accomplice – Hybrid with long battery

Fossil Q Venture – Fossil quality design

Asus ZenWatch 3 – Good display but lags behind others

Kate Spade Scallop – Unique and bold style


Apple Watch Series 3 – The Best Smartwatch for Women

Best Smartwatch for Women
Best Smartwatch for Women – Apple Watch 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 most comprehensively ticks the boxes when it comes to offering the feel, functions, and features that a smartwatch should have. Scoring well in all three areas leads us to give it the top spot as the best smartwatch for women. Given this is a product by Apple it is unsurprising that this is the case, especially as there is a huge crossover between a smartwatch and smartphone functions. The Apple Watch Series 3 does showcase a relatively big leap from the 2nd gen version. The design of the Apple Watch Series 3 is slick and tight, and more geared towards the smartwatch tech audience rather than those seeking a luxurious look.

This version comes with a much snappier and powerful Apple S3 processor, giving the Series 3 a high performance feeling to the product. Perhaps one of the most defining features of this upgrade is the built-in LTE in the highest spec version. This comes into effect when your out and you have left your iPhone at home. Unfortunately, for some, ownership of an iPhone is still mandatory to use the Apple Watch Series 3. It also involves a monthly bill of $5-$10 of data for your smartwatch SIM card. The battery life is 18 hours, the lowest on our list of smartwatches. In reality, we don’t see much difference between this and the 24-hour models. The value in the battery life relative to the Series 3 realistically becomes worth noting when exceeding a couple of days. If your smartwatch is pushing on having the same technical capabilities as your smartphone then you can expect to charge it as much. The Apple Watch Series 3 is undoubtedly orientated towards the health and fitness tracking related features. What’s available includes step trackers, workout apps, and a new altimeter. You get the benefits of Apple Music with the Series 3 with 45 million songs available in an expanding library. Siri is integrated into the smartwatch, although it admittedly does not function perfectly all the time. The waterproof rating of the Apple Watch Series 3 is IP68 which means it can resist genera lifestyle water splashes, such as in the shower or shallow swimming. It shouldn’t be used for general sea activities or in soap. A final but sweet benefit of the Apple Watch Series 3 is the Apple Pay compatibility, making purchasing anything incredibly effortless.



-LTE option

-Apple Pay

-Apple Music – 45 Million Songs



-LTE requires subscribed data

-Requires iPhone


Michael Kors Access Sofie & Michael Kors Access Bradshaw – Best Android Smartwatch for Women


Michael Kors Sofie
2nd Best Smartwatch for Women – Michael Kors Sofie

Given that smartwatches are strictly tech products, witnessing luxury fashion brands attempt to take their claim of the market is intriguing. One would assume that brands such as Michael Kors would struggle to make an impact in providing the features that define the smartwatch . Especially compared to tech giants like Apple. In this instance, Michael Kors actually delivers one of the best offerings on the market, attributed principally the luxurious design but also due to the smart features offered. Their intention with this product is clearly communicated by a quote from Michael himself “now there’s no reason to sacrifice style for technology”. This is the best smartwatch for women looking for a classy and classic look with hidden tech gems. The two options for women are the Michael Kors Access Sofie and the Michael Kors Access Bradshaw. As the Apple Series 3 is IOS only, we believe that the Sofie is the best smartwatch for women who use Android.

Michael Kors Access Bradshaw
3rd Best Smartwatch for Women – Michael Kors Access Bradshaw


The Michael Kors Access Sofie is the newer version and was released a year after the Bradshaw in September 2017. It is an upgraded and therefore more expensive version than its predecessor. Both are made of stainless steel in with various gold and silver options available with added sparkle if desired. An immediately noticeable difference between the two is the size of the watch. Part of the upgrade sees a reduction in band size from 22mm to 18mm and also a reduction in screen size from 1.4 inches to 1.19 inches. This undoubtedly gives the Sofie a more feminine look. The Sofie is generally a better smartwatch as it has a higher resolution and much more RAM. The Sofie does lose out to the Bradshaw on battery life slightly as it is quoted to have 24 hours maximum as opposed to up to 48 hours. Some users have found that the battery reliability is very questionable, with some full charges being depleted in a couple of hours. This is likely to have been dependant on certain settings consuming power.

One area where the Michael Kors Access Sofie and Bradshaw stand out to other smartwatches is their customizable faces. The Access range are not the only products that do this, but the quality of the available signature presets and the depth customization that accompanies them, makes this one of the finest features. Your customizations of the background color, dials, and other elements can be saved and seen from the MK Access app. It is also possible to select day and night modes for the variability of your faces. The Michael Kors Access Sofie abilities are up to scratch with many of the other brand’s smartwatches. It operates on the Android Wear 2.0 platform, providing real-time notifications from your smartphone. The notifications are brief and the finer details will have to be seen on your smartphone. The overall feel of the OS is fluid and professional. Both the Sofie and Bradshaw are compatible with Google Voice and Google Assistant. This is an important feature that keeps these models in the smartwatch race as voice recognition and voice commands are becoming a hugely important part of modern tech.

There are a few problems that limit these products in some ways. As the smartwatches operate on Android software, they don’t work too smoothly on iPhones. The battery life could also be better. Realistically, anyone purchasing one of these smart watches is more likely to be going for style and fashion motives as the price is a little more and the functions are less “fitnessy”.We reccomend the Sofie in particular as the best smartwatch for women who use Android.


-Michael Kors luxury style

-Clean steel look available in a few shades of gold and silver

-Best customizable faces



-Battery life questionable

-Limited functions on IOS


Huawei Watch 2 Sport – Best Smartwatch for Women Fitness

Huawei Watch 2 Sport
Best Smartwatch for Women Fitness

Huawei has gained its notable reputation in the highly competitive smartphone market, producing products rivaling that of those made by Samsung and Apple. It is therefore, no surprise that their impressive smartphone tech is well suited to the smartwatch market. Huawei’s Watch 2 is their top of the line smartwatch and is our top choice for those looking primarily to track fitness and health metrics. You may be thinking, what about the Fitbit Versa? In our minds, the Fitbit lacks some of the essential features, such as inbuilt GPS, that make smartwatches so great for fitness tracking. Additionally, the Huawei Watch 2 is available as a dedicated sports version with tailored training plans and numerous exercise focused features, making it the best smartwach for women who lovecfitness.

The Huawei Watch 2 Sport has a premium and quality feel when worn on the wrist. Huawei’s use of material from the ceramic bezel and metal rear face give the watch a solid and premium feel. Unlike early smartwatches that look bulky and unsightly. The Huawei Watch 2 has a low profile (12.6mm wide) and a 45mm watch face giving it a similar profile to many luxury watch brands. It is worth knowing that the 20mm watch strap is interchangeable if you fancy a change from the rubber strap.

The Watch 2 is packed with an impressive array of sensors kept within the IP68 rated waterproof body, meaning you can temporary submerge the watch up to 1.5m. Getting sweaty will be no problem for the Watch 2 Sport. The model with Integrated 4G is great for runners; allowing you to receive calls, messages and live directions without the need to bring our smart phone. However, this does decrease your battery life from 2 days (without integrated 4G) to 1.5 days. Inbuild GPS and continuous heart rate monitoring provide you with impressive tracking abilities. Pairing this with Huawei’s workout app allows you to see detailed graphs, including predicted VO2, as well as giving you reminders when you are inactive for more than an hour. Other notable features include; 4GB flash memory, NFC payment, barometer.

The Huawei Watch 2 Sport is an impressive fitness-focused smartwatch with a complete package of features. Integrated 4G and built-in satnav means no need to bring your smartphone with you on those long runs and gym sessions. The impressive range of fitness functions undoubtedly makes this the best smartwatch for women who love fitnes and health.


-Inbuilt GPS

-LTE option

-Integrated storage


-Lower battery life on 4G model

– Two-button watch control

Skagen Falster – Best Design

Skagen Falster
Best Smartwatch for Women Design

The Skagen Falster is a very sweet looking smartwatch. It has an especially simple, classy and authentic look to it which we believe is the best smartwatch for women in terms of design. As smartwatches are as much of a fashion product as they are a tech product, with the former being subjective. Much of our rating of the Skagen Falster is based upon its looks, offering the most fashionable option in our best smartwatch for women overview. The subjectivity of this inevitably means that the Skagen Falsters rating is up for debate a the features are not up to scratch with the other smartwatches. Skagen is actually a subsidiary of Fossil so it is well resourced. Compared to regular Fossil watches, it has a relatively compact look opposed to the regular hefty and heavy feel

The features lack the breadth that many other smartwatches offer for the same price or even cheaper. In practice, the battery life is slightly low despite stating 24 hours. The screen quality and pixelation is also not up to scratch in comparison to some of the better models. Big issues with the Skagen Falster involve missing some of the key health and fitness trackers that are considered necessary by many. This includes not having a heart-rate monitor, no local music playback, inbuilt GPS and sub-par waterproofing not suitable for the pool. It does have Google Assistant and voice commands built in via Wear OS 2.0. This is very common though, not a deciding factor. This smartwatch is suitable for delivering notifications and looking good. If your looking for an all round and functional smartwatch look elsewhere. If you want a beautiful watch with a bit of smart function then this is for you.


-Very pretty



-Not up to scratch features


Toobur Fitness Tracker Watch – Best Affordable Smartwatch for Women

Best Smartwatch for Women on a Budget

The Toobur Fitness Tracker Watch is a pretty incredibly cheap option for a smartwatch. It is certainly more a fitness tracker than a smartwatch but we felt it was the perfect fit for a budget option. Toobur is a very small company and they only currently offer two wearables which are both in the $20 range. The Toobur Fitness Tracker Watch is accompanied by the free fitness and health tracking app VeryFitPro. This app reports data it has collected in regards to a wide range of health-related purposes. We feel that this is pretty amazing technology for the price, making the Toobur our best smartwatch for women on a tight budget.

The Toobur Fitness Tracker Watch comes preset with fourteen activity modes which cover basic activities such as walking, running and cycling to more diverse sports such as yoga, dance, and basketball. It is a matter of selecting an option, exercising and referring to the app available on IOS and Android. Data that is monitored includes heart rate, steps taken and calories burned to name a few. There is also a feature to track your sleep quality which is again trackable on the VeryFitPro app. The metrics included are deep sleep, light sleep, wake-sleep and an overall sleep duration. The Toobur Fitness Tracker Watch also syncs to your smartphone to send calls, SMS and SNS notifications. This is pretty amazing for its price and quite possibly earns it the status of smartwatch rather than a fitness tracker. The tracker has a IP67 waterproof rating, meaning it should survive for 30 minutes when submerged in one meter of water. This is not the best smartwatch for women by any means, but it rivals some products which are literally ten times the price. It also has a very strong battery life, one of the best on our list. The Toobur Fitness Tracker Watch is stated to have a battery life of five to eight days.

With budget options that are so much cheaper than its rivals, it is certainly hard to go wrong. The Toobur Fitness Tracker Watch is certainly one of those products. This is the best smartwatch for women seeking to track fitness and health-related metrics who is less fussed about making a fashion statement.


-Incredibly cheap

-Decent fitness & health tracking

-14 activity modes

-VeryFitPro app

-Call & SMS notifications


-Less features & functions

-More of a fitness tracker


What is the Best Smartwatch for Women?

The best smartwatch for women 2018 is undoubtedly the Apple Watch Series 3 because of its well-rounded nature and its complete features. However, the purchase of an Apple Watch does have to follow a purchase of an iPhone. This will inevitably mean that for many readers it will not be a viable option. Well, I hope you all enjoyed our best smartwatch for women article and hope we have given an option to suit everyone. Check out our other articles on our home page.

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