Guide to Google Home Compatible Devices

Google has been working hard to integrate a huge range of devices that work with the virtual assistant. Currently, Google Home is compatible with over 10,000 products from over 1,000 brands, spoiling you for choice.

If you have Google Home but need or want more devices to through into your smart home ecosystem then look no further than this article.

We will give a quick breakdown of the best brands and devices that work with Googles smart home hub and hopefully inspire a few new ideas for you.

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Philips Hue – Smart Lighting

Philips Hue White and Color

Philips Hue is the premier range of smart lighting devices currently available. From white or colored bulbs to light strips and lamps, Philips Hue is the perfect choice for building up a smart lighting system in your home. A typical starter pack will include four bulbs with a Philips Hue Bridge, a required hub for the devices.

LIFX – Smart Lighting


LIFX is an alternative choice of smart lighting brand which has a range of colorful bulbs and another lighting. A key benefit of LIFX over Hue is that their devices can work without a dedicated lighting hub, making it more preferable if you just want a single light bulb.

Nest – Smart Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is Googles very own. This is the smartest thermostat there is at the moment as it features a unique learning ability involving minimal effort from the user. With Google Home you may adjust the temperature on your Nest Thermostat with your voice.

nest Learning thermostat 3rd gen

Ecobee – Smart Thermostat

ecobee3 v2

Ecobee is the strongest competitor to the Nest Learning Thermostat and works by using remote sensors which can tell if your home or not. Ecobee then schedules around this an provides an estimated 10% of savings a year.

Arlo – Security Camera

arlo original starter pack

Netgears Arlo division produces high-quality wireless cameras that provide users with notifications following motion or audio triggers. The cameras have built-in microphone and speakers to enabled a two-way talk feature which proves handy whether it be warning someone to leave your property or instructing your delivery man.

Nest – Security Camera

nest cam outdoor

Nest Outdoor cameras maintain the superb standard of hardware and software found in their thermostats. The Nest Cam IQ takes it that one bit further by incorporating an accurate facial recognition technology. As the user, you can receive notifications which identify any individuals as recognized family or someone less welcome.

Ring – Video Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell 2

The video doorbell is an incredibly effective device that is the invention of the firm Ring. Originally on Shark Tank as small business and concept, the firm has gone on to sell out to Amazon for over $1 billion. With either the Ring, Ring Pro, Ring 2 or Ring Elite, you can answer your door from anywhere.

Samsung SmartThings – Smart Hub

Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub

Although Google Home is a widely compatible smart hub you may want to also purchase a dedicated hub such as the Samsung SmartThings as it has even more compatibility options.

Belkin Wemo – Smart Plug

Belkin Wemo

The Belkin Wemo allows you to bring your non-connected devices into your automated smart home ecosystem. You can get huge savings on cutting out standby electricity costs. Syncing the Belkin Wemo to your Google Home provides voice control to old devices never intended for it.

August – Smart Lock

august smart lock

Unlocking your front door has never been easier with the combination of smart locks and voice control hubs. All that is required is “Ok Google, unlock my door” and you won’t even have to stand up or access the August app.

Roomba – Robot Vacuums

i7 roomba

iRobot is the dominating force in the robot vacuum market, as it has been for 20 years. The new Roomba i7+ has IMPRINT smart mapping that works with Google Home to instruct the cleaning of one specific room. There is also an auto self-disposal system that lets you leave the device to its own cleaning for weeks at a time.

Anova Precision Cooker – Smart Appliance

Precision sous vide cooking has gotten even more precise with Anova. The cooker has been used over 60 million times in conjunction with the dedicated app to provide remote control and precise temperature settings.

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