• Siri Easter eggs

    Siri Easter Eggs

    Another smart assistant, another list of hilarious easter eggs. Here are 93 of the funnest Siri easter eggs that you should try today. But first check out our Alexa Easter eggs! Hey Siri, release the Kraken! Hey Siri, I am your father. Hey Siri, what do you mean I’m funny? Hey Siri, do you feel lucky punk? Hey Siri, what…

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  • Google assistant

    Best 200 Google Home Easter Eggs

    Just like Alexa, Google Home has a funny side too. Within the virtual assistant are some hilarious answers to some gems of questions. For those of you who don’t know, hidden treasures such as jokey answers to a question are known as easter eggs. Originally these were found in old software, particularly video games, where players could find hidden easter…

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  • amazon echo Alexa easter eggs

    Best Alexa Easter Eggs – 340!

    Alexa is a deep piece of software with answers to many of your problems. From the weather to history, or perhaps just a song, Alexa has you covered. Alexa is as funny as she is useful as her many Easter Eggs show. No this isn’t the chocolate kind, an Easter Egg is a hidden gem in a product that is…

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