How to Fix Echo Dot Blue Ring of Death

A common error that users come across on the Echo Dot or other Echo hubs for that matter, is the Blue ring of death. Quite often a user will just be using their Echo Dot without any thought and they get this issue out of nowhere. In the majority of cases, this is caused by some issues with the power supply and the cable used. First off you want to be sure that you are using the cable supplied with it. You may just have to buy a new Echo Dot and use the new power cable.

Why is this happening? It isn’t known exactly but the USB power plug supplies 1.8 amps of power. This is more than many USB chargers. It can be all to easy to mismatch our USB cables, I have done this many times. But when this happens are devices are likely to have something go wrong with them.  Unlike the Playstation 4 blue light of death, the Echo Dot blue ring of death is usually curable in most instances.

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