• Here are a few useful Google Home tricks

    CNET has done an article compiling 5 sweet tricks that Google Home can do that you may not know about. The features of these smart home devices are so varied and versatile that many often go unheard of. Included in the list of Google Home useful features are transferring music from one room to another, provided you have more than…

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  • New Smart Home market worth by 2027

    Verified Market Research, who often publish reports on the smart home market, has given new predictions for the value of the smart home market in 2027. The report states that the market will be worth $207.88 billion by 2027, compared to the valuation of $80.83 billion in 2019. This equates to a CAGR of 13.52% from 2020 to 2027. A…

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  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class joins the Bosch Smart Home partner program

    Bosch Smart Home has been working to add more partners to its network. This includes big names such as the recent addition of the Apple HomeKit. Most recent is Mercedes which is looking to get is MBUX infotainment working with the Bosch Smart Home System. In turn, users will get a flux of new functions, features, and ways they can…

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  • Google Home has thousands of free audio books

    If you have Google Home then you have endless possibilities when it comes to audio entertainment. There are ways to get many free audiobooks using Livibrox, a library of books in the public domain. In these cases, the copyright has expired and they are free for everyone to listen to. These titles are 70 years older but do include The…

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  • Amazon as added Borat as a voice for Alexa

    The release of Borat 2 online has reinvigorated that love that many fans have for Sacha Baron Cohen and his most notorious character. Given that Amazon Prime TV was the release spot for Borat 2, the company has released a version of Alexas voice that sounds just like Borat. There are a few funny little twists that come with version…

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  • Turn your smart home into a spooky home

    Smart devices can add layers of new fun to your home when it comes to Halloween celebrations. Using a mixture of Halloween dedicated features as well as general ones, multiple gadgets such as smart lights or your smart hub can add to the experience. Smart lighting is the obvious choice for the smart homeowner as they have settings with over…

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  • Amazon Fire tablets are getting more smart home functions

    Amazon is adding a selection of new functions for the control of smart home devices. The upgrade is being rolled out and can be accessed on the devices from a new Smart Home button on the navigation bar. Whilst these devices can already be controlled with the user’s voice, this new aspect is aimed to add a new touch-based control.…

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  • Smart home popularity on the rise in Germany

    A recent survey by Bitkom has found that in Germany more than 40% of consumers use smart home applications. Particularly popular among the German population is automatically brewed coffee and the improved quality of life that various smart devices offer. Other points of attraction include the improvement in security and saving costs on energy prices. However, a lack of security…

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  • Photo of How Smart Technology Can Benefit an Accessible Home

    How Smart Technology Can Benefit an Accessible Home

    One in four people has some form of disability. Whether the disability deals with mobility, cognition, hearing, vision, or other, accessibility within the home is crucial to meeting the needs and requirements of those who inhabit it.  Smart technology and its continuous advancements have the capability to transform an average home into a connected home, one that can benefit residents…

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  • Alexa improves smart reminders

    Amazons Echo has previously been limited in its reminders as they only work in the room or Echo device you set them. What is really useful is if Amazon could allow you to set reminders across all your Echo devices. The good news is that you can now do this thanks to a new upgrade. This can be set within…

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