Tineco A11 vs Dyson V10: Cordless stick vacuum comparison

tineco a11 vs dyson v10

Cordless stick vacuums have taken the industry by storm in recent years. Whilst delivering suction power as strong as an upright vacuum, these vacuums are superlightweight and more flexible as they can clean anywhere. Whether it’s in your car, on surfaces, upholstery or curtains, these vacuums keep your home shining. Perhaps the best known cordless stick vacuum is the Dyson V10, simply because it is one of the best. Tineco is another lesser-known but still prominent manufacturer of vacuums. The Tineco A11 is their leading stick vacuum and is a real contender in the market. This article will compare the Tineco A11 vs Dyson V10 by looking at their key features.

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Tineco A11

tineco a11 hero

The Tineco A11 is a popular cordless stick vacuum that is incredible value for its price tag. This model delivers by including important features at a high standard. Most cordless vacuums have to sacrifice their suction power due to their lightweight and compact design in addition to the fact they are battery-powered. The Tineco A11 is not one of these as it can generate 120 airwatts, rivaling the Dyson V series standards.

Another key specification to look out for with cordless stick vacuums is the battery life. The Tineco A11 comes in several different versions with varying battery lives:

  • A11 Hero: 40 minutes from 1 battery.
  • A11 Hero EX: 50 minutes from 2 batteries.
  • A11 Master: 60 minutes from 2 batteries.
  • A11 Master+:50 minutes from 2 batteries.

As you can see above, the battery life varies between models depending on how many and which batteries they use. Each version has a 4-stage fully sealed HEPA filter which captures the finest particles down to the size of 0.3 microns. This is useful for those who are sensitive to allergens and other potentially harmful particles. When collecting dirt, the size of the dustbin is important as if it is larger it will require less maintenance. The Tineco A11 has a dustbin which is 0.6 litres, quite large for a stick vacuum.

The Tineco A11 is also a two in one vacuum that can easily be transformed into a handheld model. This provides more flexibility and improves cleaning in cars or in other situations. The different versions of the Tineco A11 come with different cleaning heads and accessories. Most notable is that all versions have the multi-tasker which works on both hard floors and soft floors. This head also has LED lights that can help when cleaning under objects with limited light. The A11 Master and Master+ come with extra attachments which include:

  • Soft dusting brush
  • Flexible long crevice tool
  • Multi-angle folding tube
  • Flexible extension hose

The soft dusting brush is for going easier on hard floors and minimizing scratches. We have a full article on the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors, if your home is mostly that surface. Additionally, the A11 Hero versions do come with a shorter Crevice tool.

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Dyson V10

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson V10 is one of the best know cordless stick vacuums and undoubtedly deserves its reputation. Within the V series, it is just second to the slightly newer and more advanced V11. The first thing to note is that the Dyson V10 is a very powerful cordless stick vacuum, generating a maximum of 151 airwatts. This takes the lead over the Tineco A11 which falls a little bit short of this.  Another way that Dyson takes the lead with the Dyson V10 is the dustbin size, totaling 0.76 litres in total. The V10 also has that important HEPA filter which captures the finest particles and protects sensitive users.

As we discussed with the Tineco A11, the battery life of cordless stick vacuums has been a problem for many models in the past. Dyson is one of the few companies that can give a long battery life off one lithium-ion battery, rather than two. The Dyson V10 will last for a total of 60 minutes from its one battery. How long it actually lasts does depend on the power setting used. Max mode will drain the charger much more quickly than in a conversation mode.

One way in which Dysons stick vacuums stand out is through the large variety of cleaning heads and accessories that come with their models. All Dyson V10 models share most accessories, although there are a few differences between the Absolute, Animal, and Motorheads versions. Here are the shared accessories between the 3 versions:

  1. Wand
  2. Charger
  3. Wall Mount
  4. Combination Tool
  5. Crevice Tool
  6. Mini-dusting brush
  7. Mini-motorized tool

The Absolute version also comes with a Torque Drive and Fluffy head for soft floors and hard floors. Next, the Animal comes with just the Torque Drive head, whilst the Motorhead includes a Direct Drive head which is multipurpose and works on different floor types. Regardless of which version is bought, you can always purchase any of the cleaning heads separately.

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Tineco A11 vs Dyson V10

This section will look at the main differences between the Tineco A11 and Dyson V10, such as suction power and battery life.

1. Suction Power

Perhaps the most important feature of cordless stick vacuums is the suction power it can generate. This determines how good the cleaning performance will be, especially on thicker carpets which are more difficult. The Dyson V10 is a more powerful vacuum at its maximum capacity, generating 151 airwatts, very strong for a cordless model. Not too far behind, the Tineco A11 maxes out at 120 airwatts which will be more than enough in most situations.

The difference between the two models won’t make a huge difference in the performance of each, but the Dyson V10 does have a small edge. It is also worth noting that most of the time these vacuums aren’t used at their maximum setting as it unnecessarily drains the battery quickly.

2. Battery Life

The Dyson V10 consistently has a longer battery life across all its versions (Absolute, Animal and Motorhead) than the Tineco A11. There is one exception, the A11 Master can achieve a full hour of cleaning but on two batteries. As the Dyson V10 has one battery, there is certainly slightly less hassle than having two batteries that need to be charged separately.

On the flip side, you can keep on charging one of the Tineco batteries whilst using the other which could help you get more than an hour of cleaning. It wouldn’t be too much more as these batteries do take a long time to charge, so an extra 30 minutes of charging time wouldn’t keep you going for too long.

tineco a11 battery 2


Whilst more battery life is certainly good and cordless vacuum have undelivered on this in the past, it only matters depending on the person. A one bedrooms apartment needs very little charge relative to a five-bedroom house. This comes down to the individual situation of a user home and some may find that whether the battery if 20 or 60 minutes makes no difference to them.


3. Dustbin Size

A minor difference between the Tineco A11 and Dyson V10, is that the Dyson has a larger dustbin. This is 0.76 litres compared to 0.6 litres which isn’t a huge difference. Both of these sizes are quite large for a cordless stick vacuum, as some models are 0.3 litres or less.

4. Filter Cleaning

The Tineco A11 and Dyson V10 have high quality filtration that captures the finest particles. As mentioned already, this is very important for removing allergens from your home, especially for those most sensitive to them. Each of these models HEPA filters is sealed off, which prevents these small particles from being released through the exhaust. However, this does require the user to keep the filter clean so it can work and allows these particles through.

Each model has a slightly different way that the filter is cleaned. The Dyson V10 must be fully removed and washed underwater before being air-dried. Placing it back in the vacuum before it has had the chance to fully dry may cause issuers for the V10 and damage it. This may cause problems if the filter needs to be cleaned and vacuuming has to be delayed. The Tineco A11 has a more efficient and practical approach to cleaning its rinse-free filter. It comes with a tool that you connect and put inside the vacuum. Then you simply activate the machine and rotate the tool back and forth ten times and it is clean.

tineco filter cleaner

5. 2-in-1 Design

Most stick vacuums, especially the best ones, come with a 2-in-1 design so they can be used as both a floor and handheld vacuum. The Tineco A11 and Dyson V10 convert easily into a handheld vacuum by removing the wand. Handheld vacuums have a few useful benefits such as getting into more confined areas, especially at a mid-height. It is also the most effective way to clean the interior of a car. It is also recommended for upholstery cleaning as long as you have the right attachment to reduce any chance of damage.

tineco 2 in 1 design

6. Lightweight Design

Another important aspect of cordless stick vacuums is that they have as light of design as possible. This is so they can be used for cleaning overhead and move around quickly in the home, taking advantage of the cordless feature. The Dyson V10 measures 49.2 x 9.8 x 10.1 inches and is 5.9 lbs and the Tineco A11 is very similar at 43.7 x 10.4 x 11.2 inches and 5.5 lbs.

7. Price

These two vacuums are in a similar price category although the V10 is more expensive. This comes down to its better features and the reputation that Dyson has.

Final Word

The Tineco A11 and Dyson V10 are two high-performance stick vacuums that get great results. When it comes down to the main cleaning features, the Dyson V10 is a better vacuum although the A11 really isn’t that far behind. In most cleaning situations the A11 will perform the same as the V10 although the Dyson does have an edge on tougher to clean challenges with its stronger suction power. As usual, better features cost more so the V10 is a more expensive vacuum.

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