Sticker-Eye Cam: Smart Beyond Belief

The standard of hardware and software that is embedded in smart home security cameras has become incredibly high, take the likes of Ring, Nest, and Arlo as an example.. A tech startup called Sticker-Eye, is pushing the boundaries of the features, functions, and capabilities security cameras have. Across the market, it has become the software element and the AI embedded in each camera that is defining which is best. Sticker-Eyeis developing an outdoor camera with its own neural network and advanced software. This is in order to distinguish whether the motion is from a human and if they are friendly or a potential foe. So, what are the key specs and standout features of the Eyecloud cam?

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Human Detection is one of the most impressive features of the camera, one that makes the company a pioneer rather than any other standard competitor. The complex AI informed by machine learning is able to tell which sets of motion detected are from humans or other objects. When Human Detection is triggered, a notification is accordingly sent to the user’s phone. Traditional smart home security systems that lack this distinguishing feature are known to trigger excess notifications from insignificant motion detection, a real hassle for users. Sticker-Eye has effectively found a solution for a classic problem, which adds huge value to their camera.

Going on step further, Sticker-Eye has developed a Face Recognition technology, that can distinguish individuals faces. After learning your face, as well as family and friends, unrecognized faces can be set to trigger a notification when detected. This once again fine-tunes the precision of the camera with the notifications it triggers. Such technology places Sticker-Eye on the boundaries of innovation in the market as very few other brands have achieved this level of AI in their product.

The Sticker-Eye Cam is 100% Cordless, with battery lasting up to 6 months although this is variable based on usage. Setup and installation are made far easier due to this, and whilst many other brands do have this as their own standard, it is useful nonetheless. Sticker-Eyes other camera features are at the level expected from a smart home security camera, with generous pricing.

Sticker-Eye camera

For a much cheaper price and specs that back it up, this camera is one to look out for. Gadgets are being ever more defined by the standard of the software and AI that accompanies them. Sticker-Eye is relatively new to the smart camera market, but given their advanced software, AI and machine learning skills, they will without a doubt be a leading force.

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