Samsung MU6300 vs MU6290 Review


Samsung MU6290 vs MU6300Samsung is one of the leading brands of Smart and Ultra HD TVs in the world. Both the Samsung MU6290 and Samsung MU6300 are part of the same series of 4K smart TV released by the manufacturer.

In fact, the MU in the model name attributes it to Samsungs 2017 UHD series of devices. An initial look over the devices shows incredibly little to be noticed in terms of the difference between these two models.

This article will compare the Samsung MU6290 against the MU6300 and will break down for you the key features, similarities, and differences.

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Comparison Chart – MU6290 vs MU6300

AvailabilityDESIGNMODELSIZE in InchesResolutionRemoteVoice ControlHeadset
Check PriceMU6290MU629040, 43 50, 55, 652160 x 3840 (4K)BasicNoNo
Check PriceMU6300MU630040, 43 50, 55, 65, 702160 x 3840 (4K)SmartYesYes

1.Samsung MU6290 vs MU6300 Sizes

There is some discrepancy between the sizes available in each of these models. Here is a quick summary of all the sizes paired off against each and exactly what the devices name is of each:

  • 40 Inch: UN40MU6290 vs UN40MU6300
  • 43 Inch: UN43MU6290 vs UN43MU6300
  • 50 Inch: UN49MU6290* vs UN50MU6300
  • 55 Inch: UN55MU6290 vs UN55MU6300
  • 65 Inch: UN54MU6290 vs UN65MU6300
  • 75 Inch: UN75MU6300

The sizes are practically identical, apart from the 50-inch category where the MU6290 is actually 49 inches. There is no 75-inch option for the MU6290.

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The design of the MU6290 and MU6300 are practically identical. These are both flat screens with a simplistic stand and black color. The dimensions and weight will, of course, vary with the size you decide to purchase.





Samsung MU6290 vs MU6300 Dimensions

Both these smart TVs have the same dimensions (not including the stand) which are as follows:

  • 36.1″ x 21.1″ x 2.5″ inches
  • 38.4″ x 22.4″ x 2.5″ inches
  • 43.6″ x 25.5″ x 2.1″ inches
  • 48.9″ X 28.3″ X 2.5″ inches
  • 57.6″ x 33.2″ x 2.5″ inches
  • 66.5″ x 38.2″ x 2.6″ inches
MU6290 side on
MU6290 Side On
MU6300 side
MU6300 Side On

These are both slimline TVs with negligible difference in their dimensions are weight.

Samsung MU6290 vs MU6290 Weight

Both these smart TVs have the same weight excluding the stand:

  • 17lbs
  • 19 lbs
  • 27.8 lbs
  • 33.7 lbs
  • 51.8 lbs
  • 77.6 lbs


The Samsung MU6290 and MU6300 are both in the same Ultra High Definition range which means they are 4K.

More specifically the resolution is 2160 x 3840 pixels.

MU6290 & MU6300 4K
MU6290 & MU6300 4K


The MU6290 and MU6300 color quality and feature are driven by 4K Color Drive. The technology used is a combination of Quantum Dot, Active Crystal, and Pur Color.

Quantom Dot technology uses a Nano crystal layer, between the LEDs and protective glass. The result is a wider variety of colors, an increase of 30%. This is the most advanced color technology used by Samsung. It also means the TV uses 30%-50% less than a more traditional LED TV.

MU6300 HDR

Active Crystal is a technology that adds an additional source of blue LED light. This leads to a wider range of whites displayed that look purer. This also leads to a reduction in energy consumption.

PurColor is a more simple technology that combines primary secondary colors. The goal and output is the same as the other two technologies; a wider range of color for more precise video.

Black Level

The Samsung MU6290 and 6300 use Essential Black Pro which improves the mimage quality and clearness in darker scenes.



The remote used by each of these devices highlights the key difference between these two models. The Samsung MU6290 just uses a Basic Remote whilst the Samsung MU6300 uses a Smart Remote or OneRemote and therefore gains some extra features.

The Basic Remote of the MU6290 follows its descriptive name. It is a simple remote for the most based TV functions and controls. Changing channel, volume, inputs and accessing the guide are some of the basics.

The Smart Remote that comes with Samsung MU6300 provides access to a range of smart features you don’t get with the Samsung MU6290, such as voice control.

This makes the overall ease of use better.

6.Motion Rate

Samsung uses its own Motion Rate which is a fancy way of saying Refresh Rate. Both the Samsung MU6290 and MU6300 have a 120 Motion Rate which is equitable to a 60 Hz refresh rate.

7.Smart Hub

Both Smart TVs use Tizen OS as their platform for their smart features. The smart hub onscreen interface provides access to a variety of apps which includes:

  • Settings to adjust the picture
  • Access to other devices on your network such as a PC
  • Entertainment Apps
    • YouTube
    • Netflix
    • Amazon Video
    • Internet Browser
    • Many many more…

Tizen OS


There are 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports on both the Samsung MU6290 and MU6300.

The Samsung MU6300 has Bluetooth connectivity for devices, including supporting Bluetooth Headset Support.

The Samsung MU6290 does not have this which makes it one of the only differences between models.

9.Energy Costs

Each corresponding size of both the Samsung MU6290 and MU6300 has the same annual cost which is anywhere between $10 and $19. The 75 inch MU6300 costs around $24 to run annually.

Energy savings

Samsung MU6290 vs MU6300 Final Word

Samsungs MU6290 and MU6300 are two devices that mirror each other with a few small differences which include:

  • MU6300 has a 75 inch option
  • MU6300 has a better TV remote
  • MU6300 has Bluetooth headset option
  • MU6300 has voice control

Such differences are more concerned with the ease of use of the smart TV.

When it comes down to the video specifications and features they provide the same level of quality.





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